making art for eternity

- Artwork by Pygoya

PYGOYA,  February 25, 2005


     Before I read Dr. Michael Newton's books, "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls," "case studies of life between lives," the only conceptual visualization of "heaven" that I had was "pearly gates of Saint Peter," "winged angels with halos," and "bright white light at the end of a dark tunnel."  As a fine arts artist over a life time, I hope eternity to be more than a very long time of idleness.  I want to continue to be involved in the creative process, to make!

"Portal," digital

     Dr. Newton is a life regression hypnotist that specializes in taping into the spiritual world of his clients.  I personally found his findings intriguing and inspirational for the direction and purpose of my present and future art.  Even if there is speculation of the validity of the reporting through the hypnotic mode of investigation of the after life, or more accurately the in between lives of client-subjects, a wonderful portrait of the spiritual world is rendered in these publications.  If there is just a possibility that the description of the other world does exists, then precious hope lives for an uninterrupted life of creativity for the artistic soul, till kingdom come. Our passions of imagination, intuition, and creative expression would survive and pass along with the departing soul.  After death, art lives!

"Greeters," digital

     According to what hypnotic subjects see deep in the trance state, there is a remarkable consistency in description of the spiritual world.  The following elucidation of what "heaven" might be like is based upon decades of research by Dr. Newton and his specialized techniques of probing in the very deep hypnotic subconscious state.

     Upon death there is a departure of the soul from the physical world and human body into bright light, sometimes through a tunnel and amidst layers of delicate "interwoven" strands of light.  We are meet by benevolent spiritual guides, possibly what we refer to as "guardian angels."  Upon reentry into the spiritual realm we may also be greeted by deceased friends and relatives of former lives before continuing on our journey to debriefing sessions and our "cluster" soul groups of long standing.  After that there is a meeting with a "council of elders" and possibly "screening rooms" as prelude for reincarnation to assume another life here on Earth (or elsewhere in an other "interdimensional" space), in order to further progress through the "stages of enlightenment" as an evolving spiritual being.

"Spiritual Guide," digital 

     So what aesthetic phenomena are described in this spiritual pathway of rejuvenation, reunion and progressive growth in divinity, as described by hynotized subjects speaking in altered voices?

     Many report spirits of different color auras, from beginning tints of whites, and advancing through a progression of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Speculation is that these colors are the result of different frequencies of vibrating energy which change with the progressive advancement of consciousness of the souls.  Spirits can remain concentrated spheres of light or take on the likeness of those whom they were on Earth. 

"Spirit," digital 

     Through the power of spiritual imagination, Earthly simulations and metaphors, such as rainbows, animals, landscapes (for example meadows of wildflowers), waterfalls, breaking waves, and even marble temples can be created.  The five senses abound, including melodic harmony, music, and visual abstractions of colored light. Even a nostalgic kiss between fusing spirits can take place, reminiscing the roles of lovers in some past Earthly lives.  By means of the study of such life metaphors using simulations and transformations, karmic lessons that increase spiritual growth may be revealed.  According to the researcher, there is much consistency in the reporting of the spiritual world including interactive screening rooms with scenes of future life and books of spent lives in library archives.  Classrooms and temples with clusters of souls seem to also be commonplace by those witnessing through the deepened beyond normal hypnotic trance.  Such a trance takes several hours to attain using special techniques and manifests different brain waves than those of the familiar hypnotic trance.  

"Cluster," digital

      Through the advancement of wisdom and ethical growth, souls can eventually specialize, such as teachers, spiritual guides, archivists, gatekeepers, and creators of physical entities.  What is most encouraging is souls so inclined can specialize and become artists that continue to develop aesthetically as well as contribute to harmony in our increasingly chaotic physical world. To advance in their specialty of art as their mode of enlightenment, the possibility of reincarnations may be one means to contribute heavenly art as the means to make harmony all pervasive.  Dr. Newton does stress the importance of the dream state as one vehicle by which the spiritual world can communicate to the living, such as clues about past lives lived.  I will admit my dreams of creating dinosaur pictures in a cave, rendering African black women portraits, then Chinese exquisite watercolors, none which I am inclined to do now as a digital artist, now have special profound meaning to me which strengthen my determination in this lifetime to continue my artistic explorations of this medium embedded in this era of high tech culture.

"Souls," digital

      In an ethereal world the figurative, or the physical representation of Earthly objects, may just be human references for the more ubiquitous equilibrium of perfected composition of space, color, rhythm, and balance.  In quantum physics the source of everything is postulated to be the vibration of particles of energy, including light.  The artistically derived visual abstract may approach what is universal harmony, thereby serving as an elixir for the chaos that torments primitive life here on Earth.