Business Planning for Partnering with Arts of Paradise Gallery
at the International Marketplace, Waikiki, Hawaii


-a joint venture between the AOP Gallery and, September 1999


Arts of Paradise ownership has agreed to a partner venture with Truly Virtual Web Art Museum and its impending commercial Web site, Both Truly Virtual Web Art Museum ( and are currently online virtual entities. However a "brick and mortar" gallery in New York is planned as the follow-up phase for's initial establishment and promotion of the name online. The gallery, planned for opening in a few years, will have the name of "New York Net Gallery".

For mutual benefits, Arts of Paradise will provide an exhibit room in its retail gallery space within the famous International Marketplace in Waikiki, Hawaii to The exhibit room, with online access, will serve as Truly Virtual Web Art Museum's first brick and mortar gallery space. At the beginning only works of art by Pygoya and Larry Lovett, members of PAI (Pygoya Art International) will be exhibited. Emphasis will be on the display of Giclee limited edition prints of Pygoya (produced by the world reknown Maui Giclee fine arts print company) and "photonic" watercolors by Larry Lovett. However later international artists that have had works curated into the permanent digital art collections within the virtual art museum may also be invited to exhibit in Waikiki exhibit space, dubbed "SoHo Too Gallery". Works of the artists represented by Arts of Paradise, as part of the negotiated agreemens, are also invited to display prints in SoHo Too Gallery. However such works for sale will be limited to whatever images are available from these artists that are concurrently displayed online at SoHo Too Gallery's online Web site. The art site will be established and managed by the staff of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum. Besides Giclee prints, watercolors and some original "cyberpaintings" by Pygoya (paint on canvas works from original computer generated imagery), matted laser prints will be be offered as an economic alternative to the more expensive but museum quality Giclee prints.

SoHo too Gallery's online presence will also promote the mother larger space, Arts of Paradise Gallery. It shall attempt to make the global online audience more familiar with the physical location of Arts of Paradies Gallery and therefore eventually generate more tourist foot traffic into the Waikiki gallery. The SoHo Gallery staff will also assist Arts of Paradise gallery enter Internet marketing through supervising the production of business cards, stationary, postcards, banners and other printed material to promote the SoHo Too Gallery Web site and their own information/homepage site at

In conclusion, this agreement assists Arts of Paradise Gallery of Waikiki gain an expanded presence in e-commerce marketing and sales through online representation. The gallery's art items offered for sale online, with credit card transaction capability, is considered additional exhibiting walls of the gallery, but in online/global cyberspace. The gallery also will get more traffic through online promotions augmented by the staff of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at In exchange, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum now has a physical exhibit room/gallery at the most beautiful place on the planet - Waikiki Beach of Honolulu, Hawaii. The physical address of SoHo Too Gallery (the same as Arts of Paradise Gallery) will be posted online at the virtual art museum that averages 500+ online visitors a day. SoHo Too Gallery is selected as the name, in remembrance (or revival) of a previous gallery venture by Dr. Rodney Chang - SoHo Too Gallery & Loft on inner city Honolulu back in the 1980s. The defunct gallery at that time promoted experimental art by young Honolulu artists and was the first exhibit space for Chang's (now known as Pygoya on the Internet) large computer paintings. Chang and Larry Lovett are documented in publications as the state's first computer artists. SoHo too Gallery & Loft exhibited their digital works initially in 1985.

SoHo too Gallery is contemplated to be a part of the domain site as an "affiliated gallery" outside of New York. However, because Truly Virtual Web Art Museum is already moving from merely an online entity to an identity with the planned New York Net Gallery AND the museum domain staff resides in Hawaii, it makes sense to include the Hawaii element to In fact, it is the hope that a yearly Hawaii arts exhibition at the future New York based gallery becomes an anticipated cultural event in the New York area, for transplanted Hawaii residents, collectors who desire nostalgic Hawaiiana and contemporary island works, and Hawaii artists selected to exhibit by the gallery. There is also the possibility that Arts of Paradise Gallery may be invited to join forces and open an adjacent exhibit room within New York Net Gallery to secure permanent exhibition and storage space for Hawaii artists in New York City. Lifestyle changes are also planned for the principals, as Chang plans to establish a second residence in New York city besides maintain his residency within the state of Hawaii in the next few years.