Encouragement and support from fellow artist friends-


morning PyG,
 for sure it's not true what this crazy guy thinks but wouldn't it be good to tell him to take this shit down... may be some big bucks for you if not...
Hope you're fine and in disco mood may be...


Hey Doc,
Sounds like a nice lawsuit to me.Where the fuck does he get off talking shit about you??Only proves once again that those without any sense of personal style themselves will attack those of us who have it. Jealousy has always been a strong motivator.Fuck that asshole!!




Pygoya Rules!!!  Don’t believe that JA!!  He’s just looking for anyone who dares to be unique and then he can say, “See, my theory is right!  It’s the mercury that makes him different.”  Hey, how many other dentists have used mercury for years and are still “dull ordinary dentists.”  That Klinghardt is so off base it isn’t funny.  You should write to him and tell him he should try and use mercury himself, then maybe he’ll acquire some brains and can have 10 degrees under his belt too!


You’re the man and one to be admired.  All those degrees, being a successful dentist, an artist, and an author….tell me who can match that?!  Nobody!  Let’s just forget about this Klinghardt character and tell him to get a life…..geez!


After saying all of that, how was the disco dancing?!  You and Erlinda make such a lovely couple dancing together.  I remember the both of you dancing at Jon and Michelle’s wedding.  You have a good week and know that this “fan” is behind you all the way!


Love ya,




I don't remember talking to the guy.  For sure not in person like he suggest.

Let this be an example of needed caution when a stranger with credentials tries to befriend you.  Sometimes the hypocrite can have a hidden personal agenda and plans to use you as fodder in support of his own dubious position (that is controversial to the general membership of his profession). 

Brings to memory the late Pierre Bowman of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and his inflammatory article.   Pleaded over the phone and got an interview at my disco-dental environment (1979), coming on as if he thought the dental-disco concept was so cool.  I was shocked that he basically called me a mad man.  Although it was emotionally devastating, it still paid off a few months later with multi-million dollar (free) media exposure around the world (NBC's syndicated Real People show, 1979).  That made me basically the most famous dentist in America, and right during the global disco craze.  Now how crazy is that?  Interviewed on 22 radio stations and reports came back from Japan, Australia, Canada, and GERMANY about the airing there of the show.

Beware of media types too, fellow artists.  They too may have their own crosses to burn.

As for the "fantastic vision of color and shape" (due to mercury poisoning) over 10 museums have exhibited the "effects."

- Doc