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"Pygoyan Oil Cyber-Paintings"
- including imagery of ufo phenomenon


100 oil on canvas paintings derived from the computer
and its collaborative team of humans; hallmark collection
of works by Dr. Rodney Chang after digital art efforts 
spanning 22 years.   100 works reproduced in full color.  
Includes UFO theme art. 
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A stunning tale of art, breaking the rules, and a creative spirit that can't be contained, no matter what. In 1625, tribal rebel Leila defies the priests of her community by chiseling artwork in a secret cave. When she's found out, she's put to fiery death by lava, but her spirit lives on, encased in a volcanic stone that transforms everyone who touches it. Carried by a Spanish conquistador, taken to Salem around the time of the witch trials, the rock is finally brought to Maine. But when Leila encounters a modern-day toddler named Anthony, she decides to become his art teacher, following him into his adulthood and transforming him into Pygoya, a digital painter of mysterious black rocks. What is their incredible shared destiny, and can it free them both? Panoramic, mythical and absolutely magic, this is an unforgettable examination of how certain people at certain times are destined to move the world with their art.       BUY NOW






search for brick n' mortar gallery site in Roswell, NM in process

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Available in January 2007 at

 "Roswell Encounter Gallery"
- A novel of alien-ated art in roswell, New Mexico

In this novel of fiction there is a second UFO crash in Roswell in July 2007.  What is the connection 
between this crash and the one that occurred in 1947?  Are the town folks ready this time to avoid a
military cover-up?  How do the aliens use art besides public UFO sightings to get their message to us? 
What is the reason for Roswell's first crop circle ever and will the government be successful in shutting
down the controversial gallery that throws new light on the intentions of ETs for our planet and species?


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