>FYI Py - I received back a response below from
>my e-mail to the marketing person etc. they
>advise me  to write my congressman and Senators
>from Florida (I personally know both of them!)
>so I will do that. xxxCecil
>X-MindSpring-Loop: cherring@spacescapes.com
>Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 14:18:52 -0700
>To: Cecil Herring <cherring@spacescapes.com>

>The PhotoStamps program was available to the public under a market test
>with authorization by the US Postal Service. We have ceased to take
>orders to allow the Postal Service to conduct its review of the program.
>The USPS has informed us that they plan to make a decision on the future
>of the PhotoStamps program within the next 90 days. If you wish to
>express your interest in seeing the program continue, it would be
>extremely helpful. You may write to the following person:
>Nick Barranca, VP Product Development
>United States Postal Service
>475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Room 5012
>Washington, DC 20260-5012
>Also, if you wish, a letter to your representative in Congress could be
>very effective. In your letters, be sure to explain how you used (or
>would use) the postage and what it means to you or your friends and
>family to be able to include your own photo on valid US postage.
>>From everyone here at PhotoStamps, we want to say thank you for
>supporting our product. The response has been overwhelming - and we have
>all been impressed by the fun, creative, and exciting ways you chose to
>use PhotoStamps.
>Please check back with PhotoStamps through the holiday season for
>Customer Care Specialist
>The PhotoStamps Team

>Original Message Follows:
>From: Cecil Herring <cherring@spacescapes.com>
>To: Affiliates <affiliates@stamps.com>
>Subject: [Web Form 7161902] Cecil Herring
>Marketing Form

>Dear Honorable Post Master General: I want to thank you for allowing my
>Spacescapes Art to be made into stamps.  One I had made is my space art
>logo that I  have applied for trademark on at USPTO.  I also had two
>other images made. They are gorgeous "works of art " stamps. Your idea
>should continue. It certainly could be a wonderful source of revenue for
>you. Think of how a whole new branch of collecting can evolve from this
>- "Limited Edition Art Stamps." The sky is the limit for the USPS with
>this I think.  It gives new meaning to collecting stamps. They easily
>could be priceless someday. Think if Renoir and Rembrandt could have had
>stamps made from their paintings? Sincerely and hopefully, Cecil
>Herring, artist (http://www.spacescapes.com)

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