International Stamp ideas for Webists by Dr. Hans Turstig, September 6, 2004


Hello Webists,

Ingrids suggestion, to link the US Postal project to Parys' artistic
stamp project, is a great idea and for now I placed a link on my site.

The address for ordering US photo stamps is:

As far as ordering stamps, the financial aspect could be a bit
challenging but could be worked out. Photo Stamps at present are
available in the following US $ denominations only:

0.23, 0.37, 0.49, 0.60, 0.83, 1.06, 3.85

A normal letter to Europe, e.g., cost $ 0.80, a postcard $ 0.70. These
rates as you can see are not available at present. The closest are 0.83
and 1.06.

I will write to the US post office and suggest to have more values
available, esp. for overseas mailings. I will also suggest to make other
esp. rectangular sizes available, e.g. 1.2"x0.9", which is a regular
photo size. At present the only picture size available is a square of
1.1"x1.1". Also I will suggest to put a link on their website to Parys
stamp site as an example of artistic stamp designs.

Moreover, I suggest one webist from each country should contact their
postal service and referring to the US suggest that they also make this
available in their country. It will generate income for the post office
and many people will use it in various ways. Here everyone is very
excited about this.