Artists' comments-


Wonderful work, your Marilyn. I cannot see
anything objectionable about it. It looks so
abstract to me and kind of 'non objective.' I
can't even see boobs oh maybe possibly one
nipple...Looks great. What a fabulous stamp that
would make.



Submitted the probably controversial work to LACDA

 I submit for your personal judgment whether it is acceptable or not. It is my vision of Marilyn with the angst and sexuality that troubled her life. I  think it is appropriate for an exhibition in LA, Hollywood. If it is not "appropriate," I can submit a digital abstract or landscape.


This image will make a fine addition to our show. We look forward to your entry.


Rex Bruce

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art




Wow, Pygoya. I am amazed and disappointed for you. No wonder you cuss! I cuss a LOT! I understand for sure at your railing at such a stupid rejection. I HATE REJECTION and don't put myself 'out there' for a lot of things due to my fear of rejection. Believe me I would be a lot farther in my career if I didn't fear rejection.

  Hope you're feeling fine today. Nobody can understand why your stamps have been rejected by those stupid folks.




        Remember, you are dealing with STAMP PEOPLE who have TIES TO THE US GOVERNMENT and no doubt are tight a--ed as all get out!



Have no idea why they blocked your designs. They look totally fine to me. Did
you receive any explanation?  I also find it silly to cancel all orders
if they don't like one of them. And yes, it seems they are throwing away
business but then again, most people seriously don't care because with
those 6 Billion of us worldwide, there are enough to make some money, no
matter how you treat the individual customers. It's a shame, but then
it's the time we live in.