I reordered today,August 25th, in the early afternoon and just returned to stamps.com to check my reoder. It's there and now STATUS is available, here "processing."  I check my old doomed order and now each design is identified as "Accepted" or "Rejected."  So it seems they are still working on the software after the launch date for business. They still need to now enable the customer to select the accepted and recalculate to reactivate the order, minus the rejected design(s). As it is now, all design orders are lumped into one Order No. and if one is reject, the whole batch is rejected, not processed.  I also await being able to reorder duplicate sheets from old orders instead of having to redo design new orders from scratch from images on my hard drive.  Stay tuned for the advanced progress of this software or from some images that somehow got into "my images" folder at my account.