I will take the photo on Halloween! :)

Article on Halloween in Bangor Daily News

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 9:29 PM
To: Rhonda M Gopan

Hi again,
Andre says closing will probably be Nov 1-4th because of the rain.

PLEASE take that photo on Halloween eve. The local Hawaii paper column is
mentioned  this already. From Hawaii to Maine, a nice strange story for the




October 28, 2005

No one will know and I will find you a Douglas in the spring somewhere!!

Subject: Re: update on tree

I just cannot believe you can't find a Douglas fir in Bangor. Now THAT is
information no other Hawaiian would know! We think all of Maine is covered
with the stuff.  Any wouldn't want Balsam, not the "real" thing and too
pricey.  Ok, let's go with a 3' fake one.  :=)


Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 2:10 PM
Subject: update on tree

> I can not find a Douglas Fir locally.  I could find a Balsam Fur which is
> often used and one of the most common trees planted in this area.  The
> Balsam was $175.00 for a 3 foot one and it is too late to plant it.  The
> next time to plant is in the spring.
> So you can have a picture for your book, we could get an artificial
> Christmas tree and put some lights on it and take a picture for you. You
> certainly would not be able to tell the difference in a picture.  I don't
> know what they would cost but I don't think that much.  (Just like the
> they use in the movies!)

> What do you think?
> Rhonda

Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 4:52 PM

> I will do my best to find a real Douglas fur but it's not looking too
> Tomorrow I will be taken a picture of a fake tree with Christmas lights on
> it.  It will be a start. However, when I checked out the location today
> staging for the roofing is on the side of the house where we should plant
> the tree.  It is suppose to be good weather tomorrow so they may get that
> side done. I'm not sure because it is a lot of work.  They did work on it
> all day Saturday.  The weather is too be nice for the next few days.  It
> very nice here today.


Nov. 7th


Pretty cool - thanks for sending it on my birthday!  It was like a birthday
present - I could not guess what was inside of it - it had many gifts which
all made me smile!:)

Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 2:23 PM
To: Rhonda M Gopan
Subject: Re: email from Andre just in!

pretty cool:

NOV. 6

Rodney,   I spoke with a friend today that has been a forester in Maine for
over 40 years and there are no Douglas furs in Maine. He said that is a west
coast tree.  In fact he said if I found one it would be around $500.00 for a
12 inch or less in height and it may not live in Maine.
  It is not native to
Maine. That explains the reasons all of the nurseries I called didn't have
them and had no idea where I would get one.   Balsam Furs are native to
Maine and you can get one of those for around 175.00. Looking at the house
again, I think it would be best planted in the back yard because the city
said to make sure we did not plant it by the water or sewer pipes because it
will cause trouble with them by wrapping it's roots around the pipes and
breaking them.

These are pics of the finished roof.  Again I am sorry we could not do the
Halloween thing but the roofers were in the middle of doing their thing and
staging was all around the house and shingles all over the ground as well as
their equipment.

I did not hear from Tom Weber - called him twice.  I left him a message to
let me know the date he ran the article on you so I could get a copy but
still have not heard back from him.

I wanted to get another picture of the tree but it has been raining since
and haven't been able to. The first good weather day we get we will take
another picture and it just may have snow around it like you hoped for!

We did as much of the closing on Friday as possible and hopefully it will be
finished.  Andree is mailing keys, warranty on roof and rent and security
deposit check to you.



December 6, 2005

Hi, there is no snow.  There was suppose to be a storm tonight but did not happen.  Sorry.  I have the tree planted, the lights on it but guess what, there is no electricity to the outside outlet.  Guess that is connected to the 1st floor apt and the power is off due to being vacant.  If it snows I will run an electrical cord to Prudential office long enough to get a picture for you.  I assume we will have a dusting of snow by weekend. It is pretty cold outside!  Will send to u as soon as it snows.