"The Wall"

Photography by Rodney "Pygoya" Chang, 2007

Copyright 2007 Rodney Chang

Many marathoners "hit the wall" at around 17-21 miles of the race of a standard 26.2 distance. This is when the body depletes blood glucose and in order to keep running, resorts to metabolizing glycogen from the liver for energy.  The runer feels exhausted, emotionally drained, and forces himself or herself to keep the legs churning - not quitting.  For the annual Honolulu Marathon, this is along Kalanianaole Highway, a stretch of highway in East Honolulu.  Here are some photos of this stretch of miles, running parallel to the coastline and valley suburbs. Although not considered the most scenic segment of the course, the artist's eye assists in finding beauty to help alleviate the agony of "the wall" of this usually hot and humid marathon.  The images are not presented in any order relative to the route but as flashback memories during the course of this marathoner's experience.














































































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