You see and know I have not given up to promote digital art
in my part of the woods.My expectation were rather humble
to receive any support from my fellow Canadian artists  as a digital artist
without a prominent art history resume from the past in traditional art.
It is still very poorly understood in general and rejected by "principal"
that anything done with a computer can not be art.
I concentrated on best quality output of my work as archival prints
in my own studio.
It took a lot of patience and energy to study every angle of what
was offered in the market place to achieve this goal and helping
others in the process.
Epson2000P became the obvious answer for me if I wanted my
digital art still be "original" prints by me in very limited editions.
I worked within the traditional organisations and the institution
who awarded my digital art with a scholarship to take courses
in new media ,that did not exist before.
I could have offered my services to teach some of the courses
myself ,if I was closer to the city and younger ,but I am happy
the teaching staff gave me the award for "my innovative digital work"
Since ,the visual arts organisations in Alberta have shown more
openness to digital art and accepted them framed in the shows.
I am actually represented in an Alberta Gallery.
Quality of print as archival prints has been the main reason
of my awards received as well as the overall attitude that digital art
can also fit in with any other art show.,when presented "professionally"

As far as I know my digital paintings  for the 3 Americas show
were the only once done with the computer.
Any non profit organisation can show at the cork gallery
at the Lincoln Center in New York as far as I am informed
one has to contact the administration of the Lincoln Center.
I am getting tired myself ,but will not give up to promote
my  digital artists friends to the best of my abilities.

Ansgard Thomson, Dec. 2001