Our plans for the exhibition: THE MILLENIUM DIGITAL ART SHOW

A bit about myself:

I am Yogi Chopra, a resident of Mumbai, India. I am 20 years
of age and am currently studying in the first year of Bachelor
of Commerce in the R.A. Podar College of Commerce and
Economics, Matunga, Mumbai. Photography is one among my
varied interests. This skill has been further honed by a
part-time course at the J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai. My
fascination for computers is not something that has evolved
recently. The exposure to computers from a young age led
me to decide that I wanted to make a career in this line. A
Diploma in Designing and Graphics from the Edit
Institute, Chembur has consolidated this further. The
combination of my ability to visualize well and an aptitude for
computers has proved successful today. I have no
professional art background or training. But my designs are
the result of an innate sense of creativity that is within me.
This creativity, I find I am able to express well through
computers and I strongly believe that this is a very effective
medium of art, with great scope in the future. I am very well
versed with many softwares and work extensively on Corel
Draw, Adobe Photoshop, KPT Bryce, Fractal Poser and
other such packages. I have used these skills effectively,
mainly as a free lancer. My experience includes:

Designing a brochure for Torr Marketing Pvt Ltd.
As Creative Head of my college festival for 2
consecutive years, designed the brochures, mascot,
bandanas etc. for Rapport'97 and Rapport'98.
Was selected for a 2 1/2 months internship at
www.hungama.com. Job profile included designing for
promotions of various companies on the site etc.

The Birth of www.yoart.com

While the world was raving about how the Internet is
taking over all fields of life and it's effect on
globalization, I didn't want to be left behind, a mere
spectator. I too was intrigued by all that was
happening around me and this led to an interest in
learning all about the Internet. And I added to that,
my skills as a Graphic Designer. I learnt Front Page98
by myself and began experimenting. Meanwhile, I
continued to create abstract artworks using the
aforementioned packages. I then merged the two
and the outcome was…. www.yoart.com. As I
interacted with more people in the computer field, I
realized that art using computers namely, Digital Art
or Graphic Art was still in it's nascent stages in
India. I realized that more and more people want to
learn this form of art and use it as a medium to
unleash their creativity. However, DiGiArT is yet to
be accepted as a form of art in India. Not too many
people out here are in favour of going against the
conventional artforms that have, for centuries been
an integral part of our Indian culture. I saw the
works of many people and realized that the only
thing people need here is a means to show their art
to the world. Here was where I decided to use
'yoart' to provide a platform to upcoming digital
artists like myself to showcase their art. So the
basic idea behind the site is "to promote digital art
and artists in India and the world over". A look at
the site will prove this amply enough.

But all this I achieved after extensive research
and months of surfing the net, looking for sites
with the same cause in India. And then it
dawned on me that there was no site whose sole
aim was to promote this form of art from all over
the world. The site today has an online gallery
which features Indian artists. Besides, there is
also a 'Guest Section', which features artists
from abroad who have contributed to the site. I
started to promote the site and create
awareness in India and elsewhere about the
site. This too was an uphill task, but made easier
by the Internet. I visited innumerable sites
pertaining to Digital Art and using the various
search engines, submitted my site to them for
listing, created various listings in other sites,
mainly to promote the site. Another very
effective method was using ICQ (I seek you).
Thereby I approached people sharing my
interest for Graphic/Digital art personally, and
sought a response from them. And I have to
admit that the initial response has been

Well once the site was created, that was not all.
I had to keep on updating and upgrading it. This
was important in order to maintain the novelty
of the site and lure viewers regularly. Yoart has
been every week since it's inception.

Rodney Chang:

During the course of my surfing the Internet to
create awareness about my site, I am came across a
very enterprising person, Rodney Chang. From the
very beginning he seemed very upbeat about the
site's cause to promote Digiart. He himself is very
much involved in Digital art and uses many softwares
for the same. He has shown great enthusiasm in
having 'the first formal museum art exhibition for
India's first generation of Digital artists'; as he calls

Rodney Chang, better known as the Internet's
Pygoya, Cyberartist, was the first digital artist to
exhibit in Honolulu, back in 1985. Since then he has
exhibited around the world, including Paris, New York
City, the USSR, Germany, England and Japan. His
1988 solo show at Shanghai Art Museum was China's
historic first computer art exhibition.

Currently the artist is curator for his online virtual
reality Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, webmaster for
Las Vegas Art Museum Web site and is organizing
India's first ever international digital art exhibition.

In the 1980's Dr. Rodney Chang gained national
notoriety as NBC's Real People Show's "Disco Doc" -
filmed dancing in his Honolulu dental clinic's
discotheque reception area, complete with staff DJ.

The artist is also recognized in Who's Who in America
and Ripley's Believe It or Not! for earning 10 college
degrees, including 5 masters and 2 doctorates. The
artist studied mostly in Chicago and holds a Masters
in Painting/Studio Arts and a Ph.D. in Aesthetic
Psychology. The computer serves as assistant in
discovering new art visions for Pygoya. The artist,
over the years' parade of changing personal
computer systems, always attempts to reinvent his
developed "style" on the computer, as much his own
input as the evolving technical tools. Then, instead
of a hard copy printout that other computer artists
exhibit and sell, an intermediary actual painting on
canvas is produced to "dedigitize" the work This is
done in order to remove a purely technical feeling of
computer graphics, which some consider a bit

Then the working painting is photographed,
"redigitalized" and modified through editing
refinements by the artist. The "final" work of art is
either the Giclée prints available here or such a
derived digital work is placed online for exhibition in
Internet "cyberspace" virtual reality galleries, such
as at Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.

Our plans for the exhibition: THE MILLENIUM

From Virtual Reality to Virtually Real…that's what I
could say in a few words about the "Millenium Art
Show" And for this, I have only person to be
thankful to, Mr.Rodney 'Pygoya' Chang. Once he
initiated the idea, which struck me as a very good
one, we constantly communicated with each other
via the Internet. Preparations began and we swung
into action. Arranging for a suitable gallery, finding
about the costs of Digital outputs of the artworks,
inviting other artists to submit their work to be
displayed got top priority. Pygoya on his part also
contacted artists from the world over and intimated
them of the International Group Digital Art show to
be held in India. He has also been preparing to come
down to India for the event.

Meanwhile, Pygoya got in touch with Mr. Shubhojoy
Mitra, also a digital artist from Calcutta. He too
showed keen interest in having the show in Calcutta
also, besides in Bombay. He too has been on the
lookout for galleries in Calcutta and thus we have
formed a network and keep each other apprised of
the situation.

The main plan of the exhibition is to have a group
digital art show comprising various upcoming and
professional digital artists from India and abroad.

What follows is how we plan to go about the
organising the event. At the outset, I would like to
bring it to your notice the expenses that will be
incurred for the show like for the gallery, outputs of
the artworks etc. are all subject to the amount of
sponsorships received.

We have decided on the Artists' Centre at Ador
House, Kala Ghoda, Bombay to be the venue of the
exhibition. (Info about the area.) In order to draw
more crowds to the event, we have sought the
permission to have an Information counter on the
pavement outside The Max Mueller Bhavan, which
happens to be a hub of activity throughout the day.
The idea is to direct people to the main venue of
the show, which is just a couple of blocks from the
Bhavan and to provide a preview to the show and
draw people’s attention to it.

The outputs of the Digital artworks will be taken on
Photo glossy paper, Matt paper or on Canvas,
depending on the size and concept of the artwork.
We are trying to have the best quality outputs and
do not want to compromise on that account. We
also intend to get the outputs framed or laminated
with good quality.

The following are the expenses for the exhibition:

1) Rentals for the Artists' Centre Gallery…Rs.1500 per day (7
days) Rs.10,500

2) Quality outputs


3) Posters, banners, pamphlets, vinyl boards
Rs. 10,000 - Rs.15,000

4) Media publicity of the event (papers, magazine)
Rs.5,000 - Rs.10,000

5) Good quality framing / Lamination

6) Panels outside Max Muelleur Bhavan ( 100 Rs per panel )
Rs. 800

The event will also get coverage on the net on various
Art related and general entertainment

sites. The event will also recorded and reviewed on:

http://www.media-software.com (Shubhojoy Mitra)

http://www.lastplace.com (Rodney Chang)

http://www.yoart.com (Yogi Chopra)

In return we can offer our sponsors a banner on
www.yoart.com for a period of 6 months. The show will
also be a means to publicize yoart.com during the event
and will have a virtual version of the show

Besides in the form of cash, sponsorships will also be
acceptable in the form of computer outputs, computers
for display during the show and covering the costs of
framing the artworks. Approximately 6-7 artists' works
will be featured in the exhibition and each artist will
have 6-7 works on display.

Our plans also include printing posters, pamphlets and
sample calendars and use the same as promotional
tools for the exhibition. Subject to the sponsorships we
receive, we intend to print T-shirts and caps, which will
also serve as a means to publicize the site as well as the
event. We will be approaching the concerned
newspapers for the same and solicit a good response
from them in this regard, as we do from you in terms of
sponsorships. I sincerely hope you will appreciate our
cause and do the needful.

Thanking you

Yours truly,

Yogi Chopra

(Co-ordinator, Millenium Art Show)

Re: Calcutta exhibition date
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:32:31 -1000
pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Dear Shubho/ Rodney,
> I know it's been long since i wrote to you. But there
> have been quite a few probs that i have been facing in
> the past days. As i explained to u Shubho, I had
> initially approached Novartis, a leading Pharma amd
> Agro co. in Mumbai. And we were almost assured of a
> sponsorship...........We waited for a response from
> them..but failed to get one. And the reason they cite
> is that its their 25th anniversary and so it will not
> be feasible for them to sponsor any
> event..........Besides, we also approached Epson and
> Intel and tho' we did receive a positive initial
> response from them ...........that was about it.
> Inspite of me calling them regularly.......the person
> concerned always seemed to be out of town and
> unreachable. Our calls were never entertained...and
> also........when u told us that Rodney wont be coming
> down.....i kinda took it easy..........and then when u
> told me that, U rodney wud be able to make it....tho'
> we did again call the above people repeatedly, we
> recd. no reply. I were also given the reason that we
> r not a registered firm or organisation and therefore
> they cant sponsor us. I have totally given up now.
> .....Also............obviously becos we cud not cough
> up the required amt. for the gallery rentals..the
> owner has acceeded it to someone else who cud, which
> explains our helplessness. this i got to know
> yesterday.
> It is very disheartening to see so much work and
> thought going down the drain........... both at your
> end and mine. The only consolation is that I have
> secured a job with Intelecorp.....a Boston -based firm
> and that keeps me busy and tied down.
> So thats that from this end.......i am really
> apologetic but all i can say is i tried my best but
> things just didnot click.
> Do write back and keep in touch.
> Regards.
> Yogi.
> =====
> __________________________________________________
> Do You Yahoo!?
> Bid and sell for free at http://auctions.yahoo.com

Hi Yogi,

I still having given up on Bombay. Maybe you know some small cafe or
even your place of employment or a school library that can house our
exhibit. I will also write now to Shubo if he has any contacts in Bombay
for a show place. Either way, if someplace can be found, you are still
the leader for our efforts for digital art for Bombay.

If nothing can happen fast, then I will concentrate on the Calcutta
show and invite you to participate in this one. Of course you are very
important and belong in this show. Can you travel to Calcutta at this
Dec. dates? At this time I await any thoughts on this development with

I am almost finished with special images I have been doing for India


Hi Alice,

Well, indeed, this simplifies the trip. Will await reaction from Shubho then make decision to go only to Calcutta.

Looking for India music now on the Web.

Got my gem. Had to make it myself, wasted/researched the Web for "jewels, gems, transparent, buttons, bullets, 3D, animated" up the Ying Yang.

Have my 30 final works done, now building pages and soon to add music. Will be finished with show by end of month, get India works to Shubho for printing, framing,.etc.

Guess the move now is to wholeheartedly invite Yogi to rep Bombay for the show in Calcutta.

Next month I start building along with Yogi and Shubho Web site page documentation for online documentation of India show.

Gotta surf,

[Fwd: Re: Calcutta exhibition date]
Tue, 26 Oct 1999 18:42:13 -1000
pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>

Well, let's see.

You need to write and invite his work and his participation/engery in
the Calcutta show. Invite him to visit Calcutta.

Do you know any quick fix, a simple place we can at least have a Bombay
show too? Let me know so I can really start moving on plane
reservations. If none, then I guess I just book to Calcutta. In Yogi
last email he made no mention of Calcutta show and inviting me to visit
him if I come to Calcutta.

If I go to Bombay that's time away from Calcutta and of course much more
costs. Maybe just Calcutta and we get down to business on nitty gritty
detailing of our cyberspaced project?

ASAP let me know what your thoughts are now after Yogi surrender to


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:49:00 -1000
From: Pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
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To: pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
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Hi Py,

Got access to my rocketmail inbox at last... 11 mails
collected... but four junk anyway.

I guess you are right about Yogi. I'll make that
invitation to him and ask him to reply asap. Meantime
I'll try and approach the business contact who have a
gallery at Bombay and see if he shows any interest.
But I am not sure about it at all. Anyway, if that
works out, we can ask Yogi, if he is interested to
co-ordinate that. It all depends on their interest.

But I want you to confirm your visit to Calcutta so I
can tell Mrs. Bhaghat that you are coming on such date
(8th - 9th Dec.) anmd we hold the show from 10th to
16th. You don't have to be physically present in
Bombay unless there is a TERRIFIC response from my
client. In that case, it won't be problem to find
air-tickets to and fro Bombay --- we can ask them to
sponsor your trip to that city and back... of course,
this would have to be their initiative and keeness to
hold it in their gallery. Maybe you can leave an open
ticket back from Calcutta from 17th Dec. to about a
couple of weeks if that's possible.

Meanwhile, I will go to local USEFI and try to
organize a talk on digital art by you there at Lincoln
Hall. I have no contacts there but I'll try to look up
likely people to talk to. There are certain people who
could be helpful in this matter including Mrs. Bhagat.
So we can look forward to that evening to. Be sure to
pack your slides, works CDs too!!!!

And we can talk about new venture too. Already me and
two colleague friends are ready too jump the

What else?
Yes, Ansgard wrote to me. Probably you got a copy of
that letter with pix attachments.

Will wait to hear from you. Then go over to Mrs.
Bhagat tomorrow to finalize things.

Until then,

--- pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com> wrote:
> Well, let's see.
> You need to write and invite his work and his
> participation/engery in
> the Calcutta show. Invite him to visit Calcutta.
> Do you know any quick fix, a simple place we can at
> least have a Bombay
> show too? Let me know so I can really start moving
> on plane
> reservations. If none, then I guess I just book to
> Calcutta. In Yogi
> last email he made no mention of Calcutta show and
> inviting me to visit
> him if I come to Calcutta. Really 20 year old!
> If I go to Bombay that's time away from Calcutta and
> of course much more
> costs. Maybe just Calcutta and we get down to
> business on nitty gritty
> detailing of our cyberspaced project?
> ASAP let me know what your thoughts are now after
> Yogi surrender to
> defeat.
> Py

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:15:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Re: Please review
To: pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
Cc: andym@tsn.com
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Got it. Great. Can't wait to plan the tech workflow:
db, interface issues. Got to work closely with Linda
on this.


--- pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com> wrote:
flowsheet drawing submitted

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:27:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>
Subject: Hotel
To: pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
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In fact, there are lots of comfortable and secure
hotels in the locality of Oxford; the gallery itself
is adjacent to one of Calcutta's best: The Park (4

I will send you rates with your requirements in mind
asap. Could also you tell me is middle price range so
I can search for the best in that category?


> I will need a hotel reservation in Calcutta, close
> to Oxford is OK,
> middle price, good security.
> Thanks,
> Py

Thu, 28 Oct 1999 18:36:55 -1000
pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>

Shubhojoy Mitra wrote:
> Dear Rodney,
> I got all your mails about exhibition and COC.
> First, exhibition:
> Talked to Mrs. Bhagat on 10th Dec. date and confirmed
> your arrival. Keeping fingers crossed for that
> Japanese tourist to back out. Maybe we can write them
> superstition-laced mail!!!
> I will take the necessary steps immediately: inkjet
> print costs, framing, and final invitations. Meeting
> Mrs. Bhagat today!
> Rodney, if it were not for your energy and support
> nothing would be possible. Thanks for so much
> already!!!!

Re: Calcutta exhibition date
Wed, 27 Oct 1999 20:13:55 -1000
pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>
Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>

Dear Shubho,

A summary of efforts-

Got the tentative itinerary in my hands. Do you have fax or if not,
send me your snailmail address and i'll send you copy of it.

Crazy inefficient route, supposedly the most direct and economic!
I take off 10 days from work, leave on the 8th and get back on the 17th,
in time for Christmas with the family and before Y2K can pop up. Gosh,
have to spend 5 days of the 10 in the air, stranded in airports for
hours (Tokyo, Thailand, Bangladesh!) and 2 overnighters in Bangkok, one
nite each way! Gosh, and this is 2000 soon? Worst, my trip is
tentative until actual CONFIRMATION by airline/agent that last leg of
trip, Tokyo to HOnolulu is confirmed. Now on STAND BY. Cannot sell
tickets unless confirmed seat, that's the rules here.

Anyway, go ahead and schedule gallery show (I'll be there unless no
Japanese drops his reservation). If that horror happens, then the show
goes on without my presence.

My art is almost done, I have secured Indian midis from the Net and am
starting to 'think' out the flow for Cyberspace center. Don't know how
much I can rely on Linda now. She suddenly seems to be having kids
troubles. Boy what a changing world. I hope you can stay like a rock
of Gibraltor, get this show done with and finish my promgramming needs.
Glad you have help, enthusiastic, on your end. My birthday is Nov. 26
so news of a completed beta version would be the best gift to me in my

Unless opportunity presents itself, I think the 5 actual days in India
best be spent with you on the beta and show related activties. Oh yeah
and touring your historical city, taking photos where permitted for my
Web site documentation. I think just invite Jogi to come or just send
work for YOUR show. No word from him today sort of indicates he's lost
interest, give up the battle, back into his regular life's concern
instead of patronizing the idealism of digital art for India.

Life goes on, there is a hierarchy of needs dictating everyone's lives.

There will be another time for him, another cycle, another burst of
optimism, more personal growth, wisdom.....


You can see how fast I work. I do not want you to lose too much time
and focus in November for our COC project. That's why I personally have
completed my own art for India show and am starting to focus of Web site

SO, all you need to do is write once to each artist, state 3, 4 or 5
jpgs max to be sent to your email, size of files (keep around 50-100)
and certain screen size (like postcard image size). State all will be
framed by you in one fashion and at l price to keep time at minimum for
this chore. State will send billed amt for such work and expect prompt
payment. State shipping and framing works will be MUCH more expensive
and you are only trying to save them money and create a uniform show
presentation. Maybe you can add different frame colors, etc. Up to you.
State also to send jpeg to pygoya@pixi.com anytime, immediately. I will
start building the India show - what's the final title of show you like,
decide along with Oxford for marketing and promotion and Web statement.
>From you I need your images, and some statement for online as the
organizer of the show. I would love to be on record as the "invited
featured Web artist" who will/did attend the opening reception "as
representative of the other foreign artists in the show". If desired
they each can add to email a short Artist's Statement about their
contributions. Be sure they "tag" title to correct jpeg in email. That
can get confusing. Also you may state that if anyone renigs on payment
by show date opening, Pygoya is responsible and has agreed to pay their
bills. (Then they will never be invited to show again by elsewhere in
the world) Maybe Italy and Belgium next year in 2000.

Bottom line, please don't not hesitate to delegate any work to organize
this show. I can be the middle man. You need to only write once, set
rules, dates, develop an identity with all, become the recognized leader
(not me!) and building friendship with artists around the world. It will
help you and your business later.

You can cut and paste stuff from this email if you wish if it saves

Send written estimate with your signature ASAP so we can ROCKET into

With much appreciation for all you are doing,


Cultural Affairs Officer
USIS, Embassy Bangkok
Box 48
APO AP 96545-0001


Cultural Affairs Officer
USIS, Embassy New Delhi
Department of State
Washington, DC 20521-9000


Cultural Affairs Officer
USIS, Embassy Dhaka
Department of State
Washington, DC 20521-6120


Have all contacted you? Request 3-5 images each. Frame uniformly like
yours, Yogi's, mine. If not too expensive, maybe make limit 3 per
artist (or 2 if not enough Oxford space). Then total output print costs
(cheap way please - inkjet, not the $34 each you mention as
alternative)-keep all small like postcard size images. Nice unifomity
of size and framing for show. Then I may just pay for all framing and
print cost as a "sponsor" (list sponsor as : Truly Virtual Web Art
Museum at www.lastplace.com) of show.

Kolja Tatic, Yugoslavia
Gregory Hoose, Iowa, USA
Pygoya, Hawaii, USA
Larry Lovett, Hawaii, USA
Shubhojoy Mita, Calcutta, India
Yogi, Bombay, India
Ansgard Thomson, Canada
Linda Martin, Australia
Tony Tseng, Taipei, Taiwan
John Rixon, UK

I think that's enough representation from around the world for our lst
attempt at a global digital show for Calcutta.

Please inform all to also send jpgs to me so I can start my sites India
show documentation pages. Or give me their urls where their images will
be posted for download.

I will soon give you my url for my works!

Maybe the gallery can print up an program of works or catalog with
artist's name, titles, brief description by artists of their work; maybe
a portrait image and sample artwork....

Want to start working on web doc. Called again and travel agent
inquired again with Japan Airlines in Tokyo. Told her to start
checking alternative routes back, even if more expensive. From her
experience she said she recommends waiting a few days first. Then
panick. In the meantime I await news from you that you did
reserve/capture the Oxford Gallery dates for our show .

To: jaffa@art.net
Subject: It's Pygoya
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Hi John,

Long time, how are you and yours?

I am helping to organize an international digital art show in India. I
leave for it in December.

I always did like your digital works. Am interested to know if you would
be willing to represent UK in the Calcutta show? I am forced to go, but
other world artists merely contact Mitra, send jpegs to his email. He
will frame economically (avoid expensive shipping by snailmail!). Bill
you. If that is tough, I will volunteer and pay you framing and
printout costs.

Mitra's email is submita@rocketmail.com

Let me know if you want to participate. If so, send me the 3-5 images
too via email. I will start doing pages at www.lastplace.com to document
this historic show of our medium.

Warm regards,

Rodney Chang

Still trying......
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 09:20:47 -0800 (PST)
Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>
Pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>, Shubhojoy Mitra <shubho@satyam.net.in>

Hi there ....
Thanx a million for ur tremendous support. My hopes
have risen a bit after reading ur encouraging mails. I
am giving it a last shot.....but after this I guess
I'll have to call it quits. Hopefully not!!! So just
give me some more time and I'll get back to u at the
earliest. Hope that's ok with u. Meanwhile, I'll keep
u apprised of the no. of artworks I'll be sending in
keeping with ur specifications.
I surely will try to make it to Calcutta in time for
the exhibition, though I foresee some problems in
booking the tickets etc. I will however try my very
best to be a part of this event.
Here's wishing u 'all the best in all your endeavours
and hoping the event turns out to be an immense


Re: COC dev schedule
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 06:28:50 -0800 (PST)
Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>

Hi Rodney,

Some more minor but intersting developments:
Contacted friend working on news features for ATN
Bengali channel braodcast from Hong Kong. Says will
cover our show!
Got in touch with another old friend who works at
Hotel Hindusthan Hotel, says he can arrange upto 50%
discount for you there. It;s a good place to stay and
Oxford gallery is almost within walking distance.
Will let you know exact rates they can offer.

Meanwhile Ansgard and Kolij both sent their jpgs to me
already by e-mail.

Re: Still trying...
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 23:32:39 -0800 (PST)
Shubhojoy Mitra <submitra@rocketmail.com>

Hi Yogi,


Good to hear from you.
Will look fwd to see you in Calcutta in december.
Meanwhile I am
leaving for
a small retreat and some business work to Darjeeling.
Will be back by Friday/Saturday (day before Diwali).

Meanwhile leep writing and send those works to me and
Rodney asap!!!!
this addr: shubhojoy@netscape.net and try to keep
attachements below 1

Or do this: best....
go to http://pc.freedisk.com
use screen name: submit
passwd: myart
and upload files to digiart folder.

could you help usa by making online documentation,
and online catalog from an Indian perspective,
approach for the show?
Also you could consider taking the works to Bombay to
Bombay and do
that Jan

Let me know. I will keep in touch from Darjeeling as
much as possible
please reply to mailto:submitra@rocketmail.com

Thanks again for your response!!!!!!!! Glad you

best wishes for Diwali (early just in case)

-----Original Message-----
From: Yogi Chopra <yoart2@yahoo.com>
To: Pygoya <pygoya@pixi.com>; Shubhojoy Mitra
Date: Sunday, October 31, 1999 10:46 PM
Subject: Still trying......

>Hi there ....
>Thanx a million for ur tremendous support. My hopes
>have risen a bit after reading ur encouraging mails.
>am giving it a last shot.....but after this I guess
>I'll have to call it quits. Hopefully not!!! So just
>give me some more time and I'll get back to u at the
>earliest. Hope that's ok with u. Meanwhile, I'll keep
>u apprised of the no. of artworks I'll be sending in
>keeping with ur specifications.
>I surely will try to make it to Calcutta in time for
>the exhibition, though I foresee some problems in
>booking the tickets etc. I will however try my very
>best to be a part of this event.
>Here's wishing u 'all the best in all your endeavours
>and hoping the event turns out to be an immense