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Hello Rodney,
Long time since i have had a word with u.
I have a bad news to give u...I have searched and inquired about the
galleries in Bombay.I have a listing of around 20+ known galleries
which have the potential and are wellknown to have any kind of
exhibition and they all are booked for atleast 1 year in advance.That
means we have to book them well in advance for next year.One of the
best galleries are even booked till 2003.
But we have a few options I have found out there is a Gallery
available which is very appropriate ...its not very well known and we
have to do publicity if we want people to come.But i have found out a
way !
I spoke to Ankur Gupta on the phone and he told me that I could join
and get some space in the gallery where he is having his show.I thought
about it and I feel we should not merge both the events.Instead I can
benefit and take advantage of his show and have our show after
his.....we can publisize about our show during his exhibition and
believe me the outcome will be good.His exhibition dates are 14-20 dec
and we can have it from 21 to 28 if u dont mind celebrating christmas
out here...incase theres a problem we could try getting the gallery
early(but we now have to have the show after his or during the same
time).Before it is too late i have to tell you certain facts about
India and its people.
First of all I dont know what idea u have about my country.....the
people out here are very friendly and warm but mind u not everyone,the
art and culture is no doubt very rich but remember there is no
comparison, its contemprary Art that rules out here so we still dont
know how people are going to react to our show...please dont have any
expectations when u come here just think ur going to a third world
nation...where anything is possible.I have spoken to many people about
our show and they all seem enthusiastic but there are a wise few who
have given me a cautious signal that the art world may not execpt this
form of art in India.Let me know if u want to know more.
There are a few things I wanted to know.
1.How many your artwork are u plannning to get to India?
2.Are u also getting artwork of other many ?
3.Is it possible for u to pay for your shipping expenses.....have u
any idea how much that will cost?
Seeya for now...and please
reply soon ...!


August 16, 1999

Yogi Chopra wrote:
> Hi there,
> I received all the 3 mails u sent me. and was a bit taken aback to see
> Katy's questions. there r a couple of things that i would like to
> clarify from my end.
> Basically, Ankur is having his private art show, where the idea is to
> showcase his own artworks. I totally agree that he has been very
> generous to have offered me space in his gallery to have a display of
> my works. But u have to understand that he is still giving us a part
> and thus it doesn't become our show. besides u have to keep in mind the
> space constraints......basically, i checked out the place where he's
> having his show..agreed its a good place but it is not what i guess u
> have in mind. it is a semi-circular place which means its not a room
> like thing which could have served our purpose. I am sorry but i have
> unintentionally given u ideas, but i regret i don't share the same
> enthsiasm as u do as regards sharing the show. I just hope yu r getting
> my point... I felt instead that its absolutely fine if he has his show
> before us...instead we could use his evnt for creating publicity for
> our show. besides, our ideas r totally different and ultimately we
> will be the first to have an exhibition in a group. and mainly our
> cause is greater i.e. to promote Digiart in India.
> I have u before, but somehow this has always remained
> unanswered...exactly how many artists r gonna be accompanying u and how
> many artworks will they be getting along? pls. understand that this is
> very imp. from the point of view of costs and space.
> For outputs of size 11*14 inches, wooden frames out here would cost u
> approximately $15-20 depending on the quality of frames. how much would
> it cost u there? what is ur budget for this trip to India? and will it
> be possible for u to get cash for miscellaneous expenses.
> keep me informed about whats happening at ur end and so will I.
> bye
> Yogi


Hi there!
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 03:13:10 -0700 (PDT)
Yogi Chopra <>

Dear Rodney,
well i received your email.I wanted u to know certain facts.I have
two galleries for our exhibition the first one will only be conformed
after a week or so....but if that works out we will be having our show
in the art capital of mumbai.....this gallery is near Jehangir art
gallery which is one of the prestigious gallery of bombay and is booked
for another 2 1/2 years.....near this gallery is a German what we can do is have a small information center
outside this school which is very near to that gallery.....people will
be attracted to the crowd and then we can direct them to our show which
is a walkable distance and is on the 1st floor of a building ......i
assure u if this works out we have an upper hand ....!
I didnt want to tell u all this so soon because it is NOT
CONFIRMED yet.........pls keep your fingers crossed......just hope it
clicks.........wait for another about meeting in a
chat room........let me know when ru online....seeya for now.

Can you give me dimension of semi-circle gallery?
Well i dont thhink it is possible for me to do that.

This is not exactly a gallery it is a is more like a
culture museum...and they also have two galleries which they give for
rent...they charge money.

Dont bother about the size of ur work...we will frame it out here.

Some galleries do take comission but most of them ask for the artwork
and biodata...mainly they want to see whether the art is good or
not.The rent for the gallery i have chosen is around 35$ per day and
they are taking a refundable deposit of 50$ per day.So u see money does
play an imp role.I know ur very keen to have it with Ankur pls clarify
and let me know what exactly u feel about my idea....
pls reply soon.