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Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 08:35:48 -1000
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Subject: Another digital art idea
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Another wild and crazy idea,

Do a special event for your Web site - document with photographs, then
post on your site for historical documentation of-

1. rent for few hours some merchants tent in a people's street market to
display digital art, with handout leaflets on what is digital art, your
Web site address, my website address, free small digital art printouts-
just in Western movies of India - lots of animals, people bartering over
prices of vegetables, crafts, tents, village atmosphere. The digital art
exhibit tent would be totally "out of place" in this traditional
marketplace but that's the idea - introduction of the new, the millenium
is here, for all cultures.

2. No place at all? When launch hundreds of balloons, each with
roll/scrolled postcard size (small, lightweight) digital art print and
message about digital art in the world. Eventually the balloons deflate,
descend and some of the art end up in people's hands and possession.
Some may even be framed and keep in unknown Indian households! You
potentially spread digital art into the Indian culture.
This would be such a wonderful photographed/videotaped event just "made
for the Internet" (your Web site). Call it 'India welcomes the new
millenium culture'. Do it in a public park on a busy holiday? Do this
and your site will get even more famous. I could send some small prints
or you can just printout some from my site. Work too from Taiwan and
Canada and New York.

If you do either of these people's event/exhibit projects, I would like
to also place photographs of it on my site.


Then there's the third event-
(why not do all 3?)

3. digital art in bottles, casted to sea from Indian ports, bays or
rivers. Some will be retrieved by Indians, others way drift off to
other countries! Include your Web site address! Ask any who find to
email you at your address to get a prize!
Be adventurous! Think of any other wild idea to get attention for
digital art. Hey, if there's too much resistance and cost to 'do' a
traditional, formal exhibit in a real gallery, forget it and just "do
it" for the people's attention and outside "the (Indian) art world".