Here comes our wonderful new member  MARK GEBHARDT from Jacksonville, Florida!!!!
Mark is a musician (Oboist) and moreover publisher of iD Magazine. He's a man with a vision. And he's energetic.
Please get started, Webists. Don't leave him standing in the rain. He has a lot to offer.
Many thanks to Susan , Kytom , André , Ingrid-:) , who already got active (check it out on Mark's website).
Also thanks to Py  who's article about Webism and Webists can be found now
on Mark's Arts Organizations page.
Please check out his website carefully.
"There is one more thing that I ask of the Webists, to have them contact the person in charge of special sections for their daily newspaper and ask the paper to review my site.  My goal is to witness the creation of the world's largest publication produced by the newspaper industry.  Again, this is not necessary for one of your members to be featured, a Miss iD submission and newspaper contact are only requested."
 Also please check out carefully Mark's project:
Isn't it cool! Now you know how to spend your weekend-:)
Py spends a lot of time these days trying to get us a real life Webism museum.
Also he is reading about soul journeys and destination and got involved.
"Maybe our abstracts are closer to the truth than so called realistic art?" - Pygoya
"Some of wisdom consider light and sound closer to the divine; so of all art media, which one is made from and of light?" - Pygoya
Interesting theories. David  recommended a book written by Dr. Michael Newton.
I got inspired and did a new big series. Some to view already here and also find an excerpt from Dr. Newton's book:
Have a great weekend!!!
Ingrid & Pygoya
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