Hello Ingrid, Pygoya and Mariano,

Sorry to bother you again, but I want to be really clear. Could we simply agree on this:

Each artist creates 3 pictures and sends one each to Pygoya, Mariano and me. Then in the end each artist has one picture on each of the three host sites which are linked to each other. (Isn't that easier than asking you, Ingrid, to receive all the images and go through the trouble of forwarding them individually?)

So if we agree on this, we could send out an email to everyone announcing that clearly and including the email addresses.

For example:

Dear Webists,

The group energy of Webism continues to bubble up new ideas. Recently the spacecraft Cassini reached Saturn after traveling non stop for seven years! To celebrate this event, to honor Saturn and to support the link between science and art, you all are invited to participate in a new project. Please create three images and send one to Pygoya, one to Mariano and one to Hans:

Pygoya: pygoya@pixi.com
Mariano: artsublime@yahoo.com
Hans: turstig@comcast.net

It will be a Triadic Site Exhibition, a virtual art show on three different host websites - as a Webist experiment in innovative online display. The addresses of the three websites are:

The Hawaiian Host Site (Rodney Chang aka Pygoya):
The Central American Host Site (Mariano Petit de Murat):
The North American Host Site (Hans-Georg Turstig):
http://www.digital-artwork.net - click on Projects.

Lets make this a huge success. We are probably the first group to come out with an art show about this technological success. And our art is equally a sign of successful technology. So hopefully you are ALL inspired to participate.


What do you think? Greetings,