Sat, 15 Jan 2000 19:25:50 +1100
"ARM Digital Enterprises" <>

O Pious One,

Looks like things are well under way in Calcutta...progressing, taking
isn't it great that its possible to work together ..
I mean, with each other being
a whole world away, geographically-speaking, (and culture-wise) ..

report on this morning's market venture...
set up table at 7am,
a huge rainbow, then the sun came out!!!
crowds arrived about 9am.
much better reception to the prints than anticipated.
great !!!!
surprised that about half of the people
recognised the digital origin of the art.
I had simply said that they were prints from original work.

Most folk seemed to be on the net,
I thought I'd be doing well to sell 10 prints,
sold 13!!!!! @$4 each.

No-one considered the paintings NOT to be art,
they were all interested and amazed at what the computer could produce,
loved the colours.

Think the time is right,
many asked if I was coming back,
next markets in 3 weeks.
Next time I'll hand out blurb on What is Digital art.

Came home hoarse, not used to so much talking !!!
Would be so nice to have a computer there and
actually show them how its done..

Well, Gemmy, like friend Shubho, I am bushed, beat, stuffed, went very well...

cyberdisciple stargazer_101