Hi Pygoya,
I have read the material two days ago. I have posted the following text on your weblog site.    
You are marathon again. Your energy and enthusiasm is amazing. My hats off to you Py.
I have not read the two books which inspired Pygoya the artist(Dr.Chang the dentist)to pen down his thoughts. I share his thoughts and applaud his mission.
I am a retired anthropology professor from India, and a digital artist by stubborn choice. I thoroughly enjoy my time working as a digital artist. I refuse to paint on canvas only because my work will be appreciated (and marketed) better in jaundiced 'art circles'.
I think one's 'beliefs' (e.g. afterlife) are powerful inspiration for self realisation social objectives. But I do not think beliefs e.g. afterlife, have to be "real". There is a border-line between "vision" (belief)and "reality" (physical fact).
Perhaps similar borderline separates hard copy of digitised art and real art canvas. Those who underestimate digital art are not concerned with the intrinsic aesthetic and spiritual qualities but with "market" value, privileged (unsharable) possession, and vested interests. Digital art is not considered collectible because it is not seen by market managers as "art" valued in money.
I think digital art is in the realm of popular culture which is totally different from the exclusive elite art culture. Popular and universal
realm of digital art in cyber space is the unique strength of digital art. Its affinity with popular culture of mass media is grossly unexplored and under utilised.
On-line 3D Digital art Gallery of Pygoya (www.museumofwebism.com/ArtGallery.htm)  was the beginning.  I think this can be enriched further.
The real life Digital Art Museum project of Pygoya will be a big big leap forward. Congratulations Pygoya. We are with you.

Hyderabad, India
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2005 11:34 PM
Subject: PYgoya

Hi Vijay,
PLease read my weekend article and make any comment; I write on art and the soul-
I run the Hilo hawaii marathon (26 miles) next Sunday!
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