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From: "Ansgard Thomson" <>
To: <>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 15:29:17 -0700

Hi Rodney:
You made the proper changes.Thank you .It was Ann,who wrote the
letter to Gerald and she might get upset for not getting the credits for it.

Meeting in Germany. by Ansgard Thomson
I had a very busy trip and managed to meet with 3 R2001 artists in Germany.
In Munich I met with Herman Lehner to chat about his plans to do music
instead of Computer Art. He is giving up his page. Bored with the process of
promoting himself, I think he is not seeing any future.

In Cologne I met with Bernard Keller and Klaus Ibold for an evening out at a
popular pub in Cologne. Bernard a great enthusiast of everything he is doing and freely talking
about his sales at the Teachers Shows, he is participating in .Giving workshops
and finding audience for all his explorations with all tools and printers he is able to
get as a permanently employed teacher.

Klaus as a traditional photographer and also employed computer technologist
participated with his photos in New York and is trying to find answers by communicating
with others.Found it rather interesting that we were able to talk to each
other in person as members of R2001. So, it looks like we are doing something right by joining a group we can identify with. However I am not sure if the traditional artists , in the group would feel
comfortable in putting only computer generated art in a show on a big screen in Galleries
around the Globe eliminating the cost of framing ,mailing ,hanging...........and more.

You might be pleased to know that Robert Downing is active again and enjoys getting
awards for his growing retrospective home page.with new works.
So things always change.We artists at heart will always find a way of
expressing ourselves by doing regardless what the outcome would be.

Rodney , if you like what I wrote you might put in "Living History"

Went to Opera in Vienna, what a delight to hear and see a Mozart Ballet in
such a famous place.

Thanks for writing.