Self taught-artist Vijay Bhai Kochar expresses his innermost feelings
through the virtual medium. His computer images will be exhibited at
Daira Centre for Art and Culture between September 5 and 9.


THE SPIRIT of art is a constant factor in our existence. From the dark
recesses of ancient caves to plush galleries of our times, it has
always managed to make its space in and around us. A figment of a child's
imagination or a professional's sure strokes, the creative faculty in
humans can activate any time irrespective of the medium applied.
Therefore, one ought not to be surprised when the youth of our times
investigate art of the middle ages or a septuagenarian employs a
computer to create art. Practising art at the age of 71, Vijay Bhai
Kochar's is a case in point. His urge to express his innermost
feelings, in fact, reminds us of no less than Rabindranath Tagore who took to
painting in his 60s.

Wall Panels `Industry'.

A retired professor from Central University of Hyderabad, Vijay Bhai
taught anthropology as a professional commitment. "I joined
Kalabhavan, Santiniketan in 1951, but after three months shifted to
Shiksha Bhavan due to family compulsions," he says. His passion for
the visual art is a childhood obsession. In fact, he was encouraged to
join Kalabhavan by artist Sudhir Khastagir. While at Santiniketan from
1951 to 1957 first as student (of BA and MA) and later as a teacher he
was closely associated with the Kalabhavan as a part-time student. "I
worked under the renowned artist Ramkinker Baij and did many
paintings and sculptures around that time," narrates Vijay Bhai.
Therefore, after a hiatus of 40-years, he dares to realise his dream
to create. Says he: "I lost touch with art after shifting to
Anthropology/Sociology. I researched and taught at five different
universities including Johns Hopkins University and the Howard
University, U.S.A. Then finally shifted to Hyderabad from Benaras
Hindu University in 1980."