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IT India '97/Comdex: Digital Art In VadodaraSearch in Google .Very = interesting.Ansgard Digital Art In Vadodara, Gujarat=20 Paint with mouse instead of a brushe=20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------= - =20 Making canvases using digital art is a relatively new area; = especially in India. And now Gujarat too has been added to the short = list (there another artist in Allahabad) =20 Birds: Kinjal Vora, Age 14 yrs Parrot: Moulik Ranka, Age 11 yrs =20 Sixty-one, 5...16 year olds presented some 140 paintings in an = exclusive exhibition in Vadodara this July. Bids began at Rs 1,500 and = the proceeds went towards animal welfare. The paintings raised about Rs = 200,000 for the local chapter of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty. = The paingings on these two pages are some of the winning canvases. =20 Spirit of the devil woman: Tulika Patel, Age 14 yrs=20 Digital Art Underground was established by Amitabh Gandhi, an NID = graduate and graphics designer, in April 1997. His stated objective is = to allow budding artists freedom of expression. It's his fervent wish = that children break away from the pencil and paper habit, and learn = mouse control, to enable them to really give fresh meaning to the phrase = 'freedom of expression'. =20 Pink Lady: Priya Amin, Age 14 yrs =20 Their doodles in Paintbrush and Dabbler on the gallery's three = Macs and a PC were assisted by impromptu 'accidents' in color and tone, = and built-in special effects that they experimented with too.=20 Their efforts were also helped by the abilities of a Wacom ArtZII = tablet, Umax scanner, and Epson Stylus 1520 color inkjet. =20 GM =20 =20 Home Search Archives Mail Us=20 =A9 Copyright Cyber Media India Ltd. 1996

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August 19, 1999

Hi Yogi,

Didn't call Indian medical doctor yet, will do tonight.
This just came in from Canada - a recorded July 1997 digital art show in Vadodara by children. Do you know where Vadodara is? Looks like Mitra may have had 2 digital art shows in Calcutta (ask him to confirm to me but he has not emailed back yet), and Ankur will show first in Bombay in November. So where does that leave us, my friend? I am thinking we go for "first international digital art show", maybe in some other gallery from Ankur's. Maybe travelling show to Calcutta after showing in Bombay. Turns out Doctor's important Indian artist contact/friend lives in Bombay, so may get some news about that tonight if he calls home. The doctor's father also lives near Bombay, accessible by train.

Staying in touch,

August 19, 1999

Holy Cow!

There already was an Indian digital art exhibition in 1997, by children!
Actually, very appropriate for cyberart of the New Millenium.

God bless those kids!

I think we approach an international digital art show, the first for India or at least in Bombay or at least the lst international digital travelling show between Calcutta and Bombay. Galleries can be secured in both major cities.

Ansgard, can you join us and represent Canada?

Say mid-December 1999. We need you.

In meantime, please keep researching on the Web for any historic Indian digital art shows that I don't know about.

Team leader,