Our guide to hot sites: Weekend Edition, March 24-26, 2000.
New sites every weekday, with an expanded weekend edition.

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San Diego Pandas
Panda Central lets this mother/daughter act steal the
online show. A Web-connected camera accompanied
by a progress report. And send a "Panda Baby
Postcard" courtesy of the Zoological Society of San

Digital Renaissance
R2001 -- a.k.a., Renaissance 2001 -- wants to create
the world's biggest art festival on the Internet for the
year 2001. Digital works, Web art and sounds from
around the world. http://r2001.com/

Care For The Elderly
CaregiverZone aims to be a central place where
people can find information to help them make the best
decisions about an ailing parent. A large collection of
articles, along with links to more than 85 different
kinds of resources. http://www.caregiverzone.com/

Virtual Auction
The Seattle Red Cross takes its fundraising to
cyberspace. Proving that virtual auctions can not only
be fun -- they can also make you feel good.