The problems with the show

Wed, 5 Dec 2001 01:18:06 -0300

Estudio de arte digital

Dear Pygoya,
I am sending you the text of the e- mail, that my friend Pofessor Luis
Victor Anastasia has sent me, who happens to have great incidence in the
culture of this country. He is the person from the Government whom I have
consulted with, and he has found out with the authorities of the Ministry of
Culture what is the procedure needed in our particular case.
The mail reads as followed:


Dear Alejandro,

Im thinking about the subject. The proceeding is more complicated than what
we thought. Our cultural Director is right. Donations have to be accepted
but this can take some time. And if the person in charge of the evaluation
does not like them, then we will be in bad terms with the Hawaian people and
with our Ministry. Tell him the truth of the matter, he should realize the
risks implied.
The most convenient thing to do is to pay what is required. After that,
getting a place to do the exhibition is easy, since we can ask the Ministry.
Thinking it over, to iniciate the proceeding of acceptance of a donation is
to iniciate a very doubtful path. May be in the future it will change, but
for now he should understand that this is the way it works, and that in
Hawaii it would be the same. One can not enter or donate art work into a
country as one pleases. The decision lays in the hands of the Government,
you know how much time it can take and how uncertain it is.



PD: Now just arrive a note from the mail sattion that speaks about we have
onli 15 days, after we must pay some money else.
I'm realy sorry about that, I think I would be better use FedEx, or another
private company, when I receive something in that way, there is not problem.
OK Pygo what are we going to do? this is the correo's direction and the keyword
number is:

Best regards:

> > Hello my friend,
> >
> > OK, how much again was the cost to give my art freedom into your
> > country?
> > US dollars please.
> > Where do I wire the money from my bank.  What address or bank account in
> > UY does my bank wire it to?
> > I hope we can have an important country level cultural show between
> > Uruguayan and Hawaiian people as cultural celebration of digital art.
> > YOUR art and mine together to shine brightly for New Year of Hope for
> > the world.
> >
> > Loyally,
> > Pygoya
> >
> >
lechuza wrote:

> Very well Pigoya!!
> I think that the best service to send money is the Western Union , the sum
> is of two hundred fifty dolars (250) but it is going to increase with the
> delay.
> He is advisable to make it fast. After to remuving to the package from the
> customs the rest is simple and without expenses.
> Alohhhaaa!!!!
> >
> >

Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2001 17:07:34 -1000

I thought it was $150.
New idea. Forget the politicians. Let them throw away my art. It's OK.
If you still want to do something together in Montevideo, then JUST DOWNLOAD THE
Then just buy cheap frames for the pictures.

The cost was over $150 for printing, framing, shipping to your city. Adding $250
= $400 is ridiculous!!!  This really shows me how snail mail and traditional
governments are behind the times.  We are high tech internet artists!!! Let's do
it our way, fast and cheap!

Just tell them to throw away the box of art. It's OK.

Please write back and sorry about so much trouble and waste of your time with
beaucracy, everyplace yet in this world.