Dear John,

Your work is as awesome as usual! Great talent deserving of my efforts as a show organizer. You select your favorite 3 and follow Mitra's instructions for submitting. Write statement about your work and your job is done. If this India show works smoothly I may try the same project approach (downloading art, frame locally economically, keep sizes small, leave art behind as cultural gifts) in other countries. As such, create an around the world "tour" of cyberarts from the Internet/lastplace through the years. You're on board, Mate! It's a Titanic job (international show) reduced to the smallest common demoninator workand cost-wise. Nice to hear from UK!

Inform me ASAP which 3 you choose for India show and I shall start placing them in online show catalog-


John Rixon wrote:
> Hi Rodney.
> Nice to hear from you - I took a look around "Last Place" yesterday - my
> word it is getting big! Good to see that the globe holds no bars, yes I
> would be happy to be involved, and include four attachments to this email.
> My work is edging towards animation at the moment. I am exploring the
> possibilities of "Dancing" paintings! I am still new to it though so watch
> this space. Let me know if you think that these images are suitable.
> Warm regards
> John
> P.S. I will get around to your postcard project sooner or later!!
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> Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 11:01 PM
> Subject: It's Pygoya
> > Hi John,
> >
> > Long time, how are you and yours?
> >
> > I am helping to organize an international digital art show in India. I
> > leave for it in December.
> >
> > I always did like your digital works. Am interested to know if you would
> > be willing to represent UK in the Calcutta show? I am forced to go, but
> > other world artists merely contact Mitra, send jpegs to his email. He
> > will frame economically (avoid expensive shipping by snailmail!). Bill
> > you. If that is tough, I will volunteer and pay you framing and
> > printout costs.
> >
> > Mitra's email is
> >
> > Let me know if you want to participate. If so, send me the 3-5 images
> > too via email. I will start doing pages at to document
> > this historic show of our medium.
> >
> > Warm regards,
> >
> > Rodney Chang
> >
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Dear Shubhojoy,
Thankyou for your e-mail. I am excited and honoured to be invited to show my work in Calcutta. I enclose, as an attachment (MS office97 & text
file) my artist's statement to go into the catalogue. If you think that I nne to write more, just get back to me and I'll do my best! Sadly I will not
be able to visit you, It would have been wonderful, but too much is happening at home this time of year. I've had a look at most of the artists
taking part, and there is a good cross section of styles, and I'm sure the show will look great. I gather that Rodney is making the trip, I would
have liked to meet up with him also - a man of amazing drive!
I will upload my pictures this week (after the painful process of choosing what to send) and wish you all god luck and may the show be a
Kind regards
John Rixon