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Subject: Re: Artist of Hawaii: Submissions September 15 - October 15, 2012
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:07:33 -1000
From: pygoya
To: Inger Tully <itully@honolulumuseum.org>

Dear Inger,

It is nice to know I am still on the email list calling for the annual local artist juried show.  However, I like so many years prior, will not attempt to make it into the show. 
I have been in 3 out the 8 that I attempted, in the 80-90s.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my lifelong effort in art, being that I am now pushing 70.  At the least I shall now know my local art institution knows I exist, as a working and dedicated artist in the state.

My web site, http://www.lastplace.com/index.htm,  has been my chosen way of displaying and sharing my art with others.  Using this platform, I can reach out to a world audience.
Latest stats indicate my site presently garners 300+ unique visitors per day.  My site is an established online virtual museum since 1997, early on in the development of the Internet.
I feel blessed that the Internet came along in my lifetime, saving me from artistic obscurity due to geographic isolation.  I am satisfied that I have been able to contribute on a global basis.

Some notable accomplishments -

1. lst Hawaii artist to pursue development of works with digital tools - 1985, lst exhibit, at Honolulu Club
2. Spent years on my "Pixelism" whereby I painted canvases that emphasized the low resolution of monitor imagery (last century hardware/software), correlating the image elements with Impressionism and Pointillism.  I attempt to bridge traditional painting with high tech and its now all encompassing digital culture (think iPads and smartphones).
3. Many writings (available at the site) document my observations and experiences of the psychology of visual art (Ph.D., art psy, 1980), using emerging digital art tools as experimentation for new imagery.
4. Founder of Webism, over 100 international artists online, including physical exhibits in Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Budapest.
5. Author of novels  about struggling artists and the "art life."  This is a way to share with a lay audience the special creative life of the artist.
6. Invited lst digital artist for solo exhibition at Shanghai Art Museum (1988); it was the lst digital exhibition in Chinese art history. Lectured for 2 weeks at Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts - students from around the nation came to learn about the "new computer art" emerging in the West.
7.Coordinated and produced lst digital exhibition in India (Kolcutta, 1999)
9. At present, now multi-media approach to integrate 25+ years of digital art effort with my former art life of painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography (MA, Art Studio, Northern IL U, '75)
10. I have surviving large canvases of Pixelism that I hope will not disappear along with me.  A former associate curator of the Academy of Arts, about 10 years ago, had reviewed my large 11x6'  "Assembly" (200,000 painted in oil 4x4mm "pixels").  She thought it was a great piece, but that the museum had no storage space.  Of course I had hoped to contribute it to the museum - if it was included in the permanent display in the contemporary art section on Beretania.  Local school kids deserve to know- and have pride- that a local artist played a role in the formation of their present visual culture.

It's been a good life.  Icing on the cake would be formal state recognition of how I have contributed, as a local artist, to the global digital art revolution since its startup (other local artists would not touch the medium; it was heresy to use a machine to make art in the '80s)

Thank you for your time.   I'd love to chat with you, if ever time permits.


Dr. Rodney Chang

On 9/27/2012 10:56 AM, Inger Tully wrote:
Dear Artists,

Call for entries for Artists of Hawaii 2013 is now open at Café, https://www.callforentry.org/.  Submission dates are September 15 – October 15, 2012. 

Please note there are changes to the format of Artists of Hawaii 2013 so please read the prospectus carefully. There is also a Q&A posted on the Honolulu Museum of Art website at http://honolulumuseum.org/11694-artistsofhawaii2013_faqs. If you have any questions about the exhibition or format change please do not hesitate to contact me at itully@honolulumuseum.org

My apologizes if you have already received this email. 

All the Best,

Inger Tully
Associate Curator, Contemporary Art
Honolulu Museum of Art
900 S. Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

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