To be launched in 2001 Keo will fly through time and space for 50,000 years
before returning to Earth to deliver everyone's message to future
generations.  KEO-

In 1984 artists with "personal computers" first attempted to make "art".
The Amiga 1000 had only 1 megabyte of ram and 16 colors in 600x400 pixel
monitor resolution! Very primitive "high technology" by your standards!

Among the artists working in this prehistoric technological era was
Pygoya, also known as Dr. Rodney Chang (also a dentist to support his
art effort and family - Erlinda, Bronson, Houston and Rochelle of
Hawaii, islands in the Pacific Ocean). Let it be known that his work was
the first computer art ever exhibited in the nation of China - 100
digital photographs at the then Shanghai State Art Museum.

The artist also established "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum" at during the embryonic stage of what was known as
the "Internet", our initial worldwide networking of computers for the
masses. The virtual reality (vrml language) museum, curated by Pygoya,
collected digital art, discovered online at other "Web/Internet" sites,
to create a truly international collection of "cyberart" that
contributed "cyberculture" to the global online community of the times.

I welcome this seemingly surreal opportunity to send this information
across the expanse of Space, only to boomerang back to Earth for your
review, supposedly now 50,000 years since this type was keyed on my
computer. If you read this then our species have made it yet this far.
From the past, indeed, from the Dead, I wish all mankind a loving
"Aloha" from Hawaii, then an island paradise, from me and my beloved

Rodney "Pygoya" Chang
June 30, 1999