(from email response to fellow Webist, Rodica Sandra Miller, July 1, 2004)


I have always been a dreaming theorist, otherwise I probably wouldn't have first
pursue Psychology then Aesthetic Psychology after art school which left me
unfulfilled.  Then after being introduced to the computer it was a natural
switch from Bronze to digital, as to me it already didn't matter which medium I
choose to devote my creativity to express with.

I must give all the credit to Ingrid because without her, my work and ideas
would still be floating in cyberspace like a rolling stone, not gathering up any
moss, here, the energy and power building up among all us Webists.

I am very serious now that we have momentum that WEBISM, can truly become
someday officially recognized as a "ISM" in art, a true new and historic
movement that is not known in the art mainstream yet.  I wonder how long it took
for Impressionism to become mainstream???? It probably was around longer than
the first recognized show by famous critic and writers but not identified as a
movement or style till then.  But even if it doesn't happen, we are truly are a
growing group that is dedicated to and with purpose to building consciously a
unique collection of art only online.  Lucky planet!  If ever one of us becomes
rich or attracts the right patron, we should make a group art book entitled
"WEBISM and the Webists." My personal dream.

If you have never gone to my online artist's diary, take a look when time
permits. See http://www.lastplace.com/page49.htm 
I believe  I do my share in documenting digital art evolution and it's
been a very neglected medium not just in sales, public recognition but also
historical documentation. Lucky we have the Web to take control not only of our
past but also our future!