Dear Pagoya,
Thank you for the invitation in Two-man exhibition and Milan exhibition. But
I must apologize to you because of my wrong data [Artist's Statement] that I
send to you yesterday. I has started to create digital art since 1994 not
1990. Please correct it and I will send my new statement to you next time.
For your coming in 8-9 Dec., I will send my student to go to meet you at
the airport and take care you to my university. After that, we see what we
can do best. But if the situation is changed I will e-mail to you before
your coming.
The music is very beautiful. Do you
know that it is Thai song ?
Sincerely yours
Parinya Tantisuk

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 08:44:28 +0700
From: Parinya Tantisuk <>

Subject: Re: Good News for India Show

Dear Pygoya,
I would like to appologize for my late reply again. My net server has
troubleshoot it's a problem from the optic fibre telephone lines of the mian
have been cut down but still connect  incompletely.
I've just arrived your India station. (so late) But I've seen them. It 
makes me feel so proud to take participating with your project.The one that
I wish  I'd like you forgive my making you have trouble in managing my file.

You know your background song on your jadepage is our Thai traditional song
,we create so many songs that sounds like India ,Burmese,Java, Loas,Cambodia
or even Vietnam.
Your background song was named " 'Pha-ma-rum-khuaan' , means  a  Burmese
dances with axe." This is a component that use in an old Thai dance-drama.
Have a nice trip and great health, see you soon.

With my best regards,
Parinya Tantisuk