Thoughts/Ideas between Tony Tseng (Gardiana) and host, Pygoya (Rodney Chang)
during visit in June 1999 in Hawaii


During visit together to Honolulu Academy of Arts-  noted that art school (Europe) teaches students to paint in dark colors to mimic tradition of previous centuries of painting. Yet we wonder if we paint to copy the palette of aged paintings which to today's viewers represents previous  historical paintings.  Could it be that there is so much change in the paint  chemistry that today's artifacts look very different form the works when they were freshly painted?

Interesting example:  The postcard of the local Van Gogh piece in the museum is much more brilliant and saturated in color (edited for printing)  than the existing original exhibited in the museum.  Which version is trurer to the appearance of the painting when Van Gogh possessed it as a wet painting? 

Idea: Gardiana photographed a group tour in front of the Van Gogh and other historical works, such as a Picasso. He will insert into those traditional frames Pygoya's digital imagery to create a "virtual version" of  the museum exhibit room. Such a concept will also display contemporary "cyberart" in overpowering and embellished Romanesque European wooden frames.

"Photoshop" can do anything a purist can do with an array of conventional professinal camera equipment - Gardiana

Hawaii scenery makes Gardiana want to spend some time in southern Taiwan where it is warmer and with similiar tropical environment (than where he resides in Taipei).

The camera never captures nature but represents a facimile of it or an expressive statement of the artist behind the camera, which should include his or her involvement in the processing process or alternative digital manipulation.

Great interaction and friendship was shared by Gardiana, Larry Lovett and Pygoya on a half-day tour of the island, including sketching by Lovett and photography by Gardiana.

Gardiana and Pygoya took in "Star Wars" at a local theater and marveled at the robotic animations and Asian influenced grand costumes of the queen.

Intermittant showers are a regular occurrence in Hawaii, making for interesting transient photographic results. In Taiwan the showers last much longer.

The living environment in London is much darker, so maybe that is why English painters tend to paint with darker palettes than the bright and warm colors used by Hawaii's artists.

Gardiana saw much local art during his visit to Honolulu.  He was most impressed by the work of Mark Kadota.

Among the areas visited during Gardiana short stay were Waikiki, Diamond Head, Hawaii Kai, Koko Head Crater, Downtown, Chinatown, Kalihi, Kaneohe Bay, Waimanalo, Kahala, Honolulu Zoo, Kahala Mall, Kaimuki High School Gym, Blaisdell Center and Honolulu Concert Hall, the Pygoya House, the Sheraton Kahala Hotel, Lam's Chinese Restaurant in Hawaii Kai, Doe Fang Store in Aina Haina, Sandy Beach, Makapu Blow Hole, beach across Sea Life Park, Rabbit Island, view of Chinaman's Hat island, the Koolau Mountain Pali drive, Hawaii Kai McDonald's, Zippy's Restaurant in Koko Marina Shopping Center and the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Art experience is evolving towards a paperless future, where everything will be instantly accessible digitally in an electronic interactive and global-centric virtual world.

It is important to the artist to sometimes travel beyond his immediate enivironment to avoid getting into the rut of  personal art repeitition leading to staleness.  The experience with new environments can also jolt inspiration to do new work when returning to the studio.

Most people do not understand the underlying visual language of visual abstraction.  Thus they are blind to feeling the works just as they are deaf to the subtleties that in aggregate create great classical music.