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Sebastian Marquez wrote:

I agree about the WebArt concept......
Now I started painting (I mean just painting on the screen)
for about ten years ago and I called my paintings (digital and
prints) Pixel Paintings, that is wide spread through Internet nowadays..I
to believe that I invented the nomenclature for this new media,
as compared to Pastel painting, oil painting etc...but who knows! :-)
I wonder if Pixel Paintings
is a category of Digital Art...
or if anyone has a better name than Pixel paintings..that is
basically painting on the scratch, without 3D-s or
photo shop manipulations, etc..
Besides, long time ago I proposed for R2001 to include a section about
tutorials, art resources, etc that would attract many visitors to
the site..I am still waiting for an answer.
I want to tell you now that I am nearly opening a Studio-gallery
in Stockholm where I will work with the computer and sell (!!:-))
, exclusively for Pixel Paintings, digital art etc, where I would
like to spread info and whatever about R2001, if you all agree..
Greetings to all
Sebastian Marquez