Hi dear Ingrid of Denmark?......
I read this text with surprise. If the NASA will ask the DVD, I will make it.(If I can fly in the space I don't like to see TV, DVD,Radio.ETC. I would like to see the space, stars, blue, and the nothing. )
I think Cecil's letter is not correct?
  Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 4:09 PM Subject: I took first the obvious route
hi Pygoya: I found the Space Station's link on the NASA website and actually wrote them. Here is my letter: I got a certificate back that said they would read our letters! There is a disclaimer on the site that says the crew has never answered ANY QUESTIONS DURING THIS MISSION! So there's little chance this will work but it's a way to begin our project and get it off the drawing board. We can say we tried that already! ha ha.  I didn't actually know Turstig's location so said USA as is my address! Cheers, Cecil
here is the e-mail I sent tonight to the International Space Station from Florida at 10 p.m. EST:

Hi: We are a global group of artists who are putting together an art CD for your enjoyment. Ingrid of Denmark, Hans of Germany, Pygoya of Hawaii, Turstig and  I, Cecil of USA are creating Art for Space and want to put our art works on a special free CD for your enjoyment during your brief leisure hours after all your hard work. Our art works are small images on DVD/CD that could be opened up on your onboard computers and provide you with colorful  original artworks you could print . Perhaps you might enjoy paintings and digital art on your monitors during your leisure hours during your stay in space.  Give us your specifications and how to send the CD. We could even send the images via e-mail if you give one of us the address. We all have individual web sites so you can check us out! My website is http://www.spacescapes.com
I love all space travel and space art! We support what you are doing! Good Luck, Cecil Herring
Tibor Kovacs-egri
graphic artist