Re: Hawaii Museum show - urgent
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 01:31:43 -0800
"Dr. Fernanda Steele" <>

Dear Py,
As you can see it is very late and, though the wine has cleared, I am kind
of sleepy. Hopefully tomorrow, after all the cooking, I shall be able to
settle and work. But the general idea is to be able to do the thing at an
affordable cost: imagine:

1) a large piece of plyboard - painted, say, black.
2) a painted frame around it, say, gold.
3) images either mounted in different colours stuck on it, or stuck on
painted frame.

I have done enough decorative work on wood and floorcloths to feel confident
that it should look good.
The advantages of all this would be:
a) it would be rather cheap and artists of various countries could afford it

b) it should be easy to move around and it could hang in various places. Re
this, I also have in mind to approach our University Librarian, people at
theUniversity of Science and Technology, the School of Arts. I know a couple
of people in all these places and I do not foresee problems.

I shall soon let you know how the prints look.
As for approaching the various artists for larger image it is an excellent
idea, but at the moment I shall try it the easier way.
Incidentally, when you say "card size" what is the exact size you mean?
Ciao for now,

> >
> > Dear Frenanda,

> Let me know how the printing looks, was fine for Hilo show with postcard
> size. If necessary and willing to work more, go to "Artist Information"
> and ask each artist to send you larger files.
> Like the idea of a concurrent show with yours at your solo and also at
> lastplace in March.
> Leave final decision to you once the wine clears.
> We may also have a show brewing in Germany, maybe Russia and Korea.
> Stay tuned,
> Rodney
> Dear Py,
> > I need to know urgently whether I can download the images of the show
> > for printing.
> >
> > I have had what seems to me a "brilliant" idea the details of which I
> > will probably give to you tomorrow when I have a little more time, but
> > first I need to know how the images will work for printing.
> >
> > Until later....
> > take care,
> > Fernanda


December 26, 2001


To fellow artists:

I am putting together a panel containing prints of all the works
exhibited at the Hawai Museum International Cyberart Exhibition.
The idea behind it is of introducing cyberart to a wider audience and to

make people who still are not aware of it that cyber art/computer art/
digital art is an art form in its own right which uses different tools
from the traditional "manual" ones. I am convinced that our Exhibition
in Hawaii is perhaps the best example of this.

In March I shall have a solo exhibition of my own work here in Kingston,

Jamaica and I plan to give one of my walls to our show. As soon as the
Christmas Season is over, I shall also contact the Library of the
University of the West Indies, that of the College of Science and
Technology, and the Director of the Manley School of Art proposing to
hang the panel for a couple of weeks.

Now to some details about the panel: as I thought that framing (no
matter how cheaply) 24 prints is a rather costly affair I decided that I

will paint a large square piece of plywood, paint a frame around it and
paste the prints framed in various colours that I picked up from the
images themselves. This way I will be able to afford going ahead with
the project.
I shall convert the images to TIFF as this format seems to me to give a
better quality print and print them on my Epson 2000P. The quality
should be rather good.

I am sending you this image of the "panel" just to render visually the
idea of the panel. As the panel itself will be large, I shall obviously
have more space to distribute the images better.

As you notice, the name of each artist and the country he/she represents
is written in the frame of each image. I also plan to print, on a
separate sheet of paper, names, e-mail addresses and urls of all artists
so that people who might be interested could get in touch or look at
more works.

I really hope that each of us will be able to propose cyberart to the
more traditionally inclined people in our respective countries.

Best best wishes,