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Edinburgh International Internet Festival Newsletter

( + Details of Millennium Event: The Gathering )




The Festival Participation Logo

Produced by PATRICA HOWITT ( ), The logo will be mailed to everyone involved in the Event over the next few days. If you have not received yours by the 30th September then please let me know. ( please note. Use of the Participation logo is in no way mandatory. The Logo is intended only to give you something to show that you were a part of the first Event...feel free to use it or not as you choose! ).


Hi Everyone!

Greetings from a cold an' wet Edinburgh.

Despite the long hours and hard work...the Internet Festival has to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had and I would like to thank all who took part for making it possible!

Now...In order to build upon what we have already created I am going ahead with ' THE GATHERING...A Millennium Arts Project ' which will run from 1st December 1999 till the 14th January 2000.


The Event which was formally known as the ' Hogmanay Gathering ' ( ...I dropped Hogmanay from the title as many folk outside of Scotland found the term confusing ), will be used to both test out various new sections which might become full features in next year's Internet Festival and to attract new Artists & Galleries with a view to joining us.


The Forum discussion on next years event has been over for a few days now ( Thank you all who took part! ), and I will be giving the ideas and suggestions put forward a lot of thought over the next few months. However...the General consensus would seen to indicate that next year the Internet Festival should follow ( roughly ), the same format with the addition of a 'Actual Exhibition' in Edinburgh.


The Hosting of a Exhibition in Edinburgh will require a Major Sponsor.

As this is the case I am looking to obtain Arts Council or Private, rather than Corporate funding because I would hate to see the Event turned in to a purely commercial enterprise!

I have contacted several organisations which might be able to help and will keep you posted as to the results.


Another Idea put forward ( by Chuck Berk ), has been the formation of a E.I.I.F. Webring.

As I replied to Chuck...

" I don't want to rush into setting a ring up until I know I can handle it. However the Idea is a great one and once I have taken in all the facts ( ...oh ma aching head! ), I think it will be the best way to provide a framework for the Festival while out of season.

With membership restricted to the Artists and Galleries involved in the Event the Ring should not provide too hard to maintain ( famous last words ) least for the first year and by then I should be up to speed. "

.....However should anyone else fancy the job of Ring Master...just let me know! ;o)


The E.I.I.F Honour Role

If you assisted in the promotion of the first Event...this is your last chance to have your contribution listed in the Honour Role! So please send me the details of your contribution as some as possible. When the festival reaches it's final resting place this page will become a main section. The page will also be featured during the Gathering as part of the Internet Festival Review.



Millennium Event: THE GATHERING ( 1st December 1999 - 14th January 2000 )


You are all invited to participate!

The format will follow similar lines as the Internet Festival but with several new/replacement sections.



* The Gathering ( Based upon the same set up as the Festival link up ).

* The Gathering Gallery ( Onsite Exhibition of Participants Work ).

* The Auction Room ( e-mail Auction with % of price to Festival Funds ).

* The Reading Room ( Poetry & Short Stories plus written work based upon images provided* ).

* The Noticeboard ( possible links to New Year Chat rooms also featured ).

* Other Millennium Festivals ( a list of world wide events, if you know of any..let me know ).

* Edinburgh International Internet Festival 1999 Review ( Honour Role, Introduction & participation details for next years event ).

* There will be several Images of various nature placed online in the Reading Room over the next few days.Poets and Short Story Writers will be invited to contribute work inspired by the Photo's/ Artwork provided.

( Sorry no prizes available! )

I have a few test pages online already as I wish to have the Event's overall structure in place and operational as soon as I can. You are welcome to stop by for a look...but please remember the pages are by no means complete.

However, I would appreciate hearing any comments or suggestions you have to make.



Temp Website Entrance for The Gathering.

Gathering Contents Page.

Gathering Auction Room.

Gathering Reading Room ( featuring Example Short Story ).


( Other Sections only feature basic page layouts as yet ).


At your service

Paul Steele.

The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

Tele: +44 131 623 0275.

Or write to:

The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

PO Box 17106



EH11 2WD