Re: offer for Third Place for Scottish Coast to Coast Show
Sun, 9 Jan 2000 07:46:35 -0000

Hi Rodney, welcome.... I am happy to accept your offer of $30 dollars for
third prize in the writing competition. To ensure fair play I am asking
prize sponsors to send payment direct to the winners, so when the winners
are known I will send on their address to you. Off course you will receive
mentions on the exhibition pages for the donation and a live link to your
main site. I hope this may turn out to be a long term relationship between
our sites which will prove fruitful to us all....Ian
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To: <>
Date: 08 January 2000 19:29
Subject: offer for Third Place for Scottish Coast to Coast Show

>Hi Ian,
>Is the $50 second place secured in US dollar value???
>I could offer $30 for a Third Place as the Webmaster of
>Truly Virtual Web Art Museum (link:
>If you accept this prize donation, when and how to I send you the money?
>Western Union or American Express or personal check?
>Just did very successful show in India (that's me with pink suit)-
>see documentation-
>Pygoya (aka Dr. Rodney Chang)
>(will join up in International section later; was in Edinburgh; keep up
>the good works for the Web and terrible UK leaders!)