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[r2001 01559] Vs: Year 2000
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 12:32:02 +0200
"Aleksi Aaltonen" <>

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Lähettäjä: Ron Sanders <>
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Päivä: 9. tammikuuta 1999 4:25
Aihe: [r2001 01558] Re: Year 2000

>Art is the same: too much technology creates sterile art.
>People are sick of neon green and orange on busy images
>that knot their stomachs. In the panicked pace of modern
>life, people want peace. To that end, the academic realism
>of the 19th century is being rediscovered and praised both
>for its technical genius and for its emotional appeal. It is an
>art that touches on who we are and who we want to be. And
>I think people will always resist the idea of living in cold metallic
>cubicles and wearing silver body suits, regardless of what the
>sci-fi movies say.

I agree fully that the technology creates sterile art. I've felt the same for a long time. However, I wouldn't blame the technology for it. But we as artists who use digital medium have too limited skills still to create something really good in that medium. Too often we are fascinated by the technical possibilities and tricks that look impressive on the outside, but flat and empty in the inside. When we do digital "art", we should start from the narrative elements, the story behind, the emotions and then use the digital tools to produce what we feel. Digital doesn't have to look digital, and once we get used to the idea, I'm sure people will get tired of shiny astonishing digital editing and tricks. Yes, I hope people have a yearning for the "real things", but with some more training, there will be digital artists who can make digital look "real". (not realistic...). The same thing happened in the music when electronic instruments came in. Everyone can now create some noice,!
but producing the really good pieces is perhaps even more difficult than with the acoustic instruments. But already I see some good stuff out there.

Aleksi Aaltonen