Tue, 6 Apr 1999 22:16:18 +0400
"Catherine - personal" <>

Hi Pygoya,

Sorry for delay with answer. I had not access to Internet during a several
Thank you for your kind words regarding my art works. It is really give
gladness for me.
I will have exhibition since April, 10 till May15 by photographer from
New-York. We could prepare your exhibition to May, 15. The exhibition will
open during one month since May, 15 till June, 15. I will write to Russian's
news group and Russian galleries about exhibition. I am sure exhibition
will have a lot of viewers.

About my art works I can tell you that art works have not additional process
by computer. It is mixed technique by paper, photo, ink, gouache, etc. My
photographs have not additional process by computer too. Probably you tell
about collages from a several photographs. May be you could take any art
works which you prefer from the page (picture). Or you would like
that I choice it by myself?
I am glad that you will create new art works for exhibition in TC Art
Gallery. Please, let me know when it will ready for look.

>I will mention as curator that we are webmasters for our 2 sites. Maybe
>we call the exhibitions "Webmasters' Exchange Exhibitions"????


Thank you for your warm words again. I am in awaiting of your e-mail about
your new art works.

With warmest wishes,