The computer is the pallete of the twenty-first century's artist. Like
palletes of old, however, the post-modern artist needs to blend its paints
to create works that are uniquely the artist's own. 

Ben Rotman mixes the computer pallete of image, color and
technological techniques with imagination to create powerful
expressions across the visual spectrum. Presented here is his unique
form of Digital Art.

Ben Rotman was born in Israel and lives in Tel Aviv. He
has studied art in Israel and Europe. 
Since his youth, Rotman has painted mainly in oils.
Always open to new forms of expression, he first applied
digital technology to his art in 1999. In his view,
technique has moved beyond the brush and palette to
encompass the tools and spectrum of the digital
medium. This medium, he believes, provides the best
way to express the fast-paced rhythm of his visions and

Rotman applies the 21-century palette and brush of the
digital medium to create works that offer a faint
suggestion of image, within an abstract and a mystical
tapestry. His applications of color are dynamic, rhythmic
and stormy. He draws the inspiration for his work from
everywhere ... scenic vistas, music, women dancing,
men, urban landscape, politics and society. 
Prior to establishing Dagesh Advertising, Rotman worked
as a graphic designer. Today, Dagesh has offices in Tel
Aviv and Frankfurt, Germany. It is one of Israel's leading
advertising agencies. 

Dagesh has earned prestigious awards at International
Design Festivals in New York, and Israel. And Rotman,
himself, garnered first place for two 2 posters created
for the Staatliche Museen-Berlin Fuer Architektur,
Modebild und Grafik-Design competition. 

We are living in a time when innovative computer
technologies penetrate every area of life, including art.
The digital art of Ben Rotman offers us a magnificent
exploration of this convergence of art and technology.