Ringkoebing County, Denmark


Thu, 10 Jan 02 23:25:29 +0100
Jens Erik Bygvraa <jeb.sign@get2net.dk>

Hi Rodney, Pygoya a little message from the north. Just to show that we get around, an article from today´s (thursday) local newspaper (Ringkoebing County´s Daily News). A translation could be forthcoming, if you wish. Also other translation I hope to deliver, given time to do.
I send you another version of my image "Terometer" to exchange with the one you got from my website, which I think I maybe made a little too light. It is of course up to you if this change is relevant.
It was nice to see the photos from the opening of the exhibition "wish I was there!"
A lot of sympathetic people, and You almost got quite pixelated in explaining the wonders of digital to the audience! The works are very nicely framed and I think despite the small size present themselves very good. 
I haven´t been able to enjoy the slideshow, when I try I get an error message from the RealPlayer program stating that the file can not be found, and it displays the link it is tryin to open, looking like this: "file:c:\windows\desktop\as\ss\ss.smil" This link points to a file placed on a local harddisk, maybe the one where the slideshow was created. I have tried several times no go. No others with this problem?

I can understand you have been working in this media in fact since the emergence of the WIMP interface! What a history, I quite see your plans for a "Virtu_Real museum" has a substantial background. You are welcome to keep my image for your collection when the exhibition ends. 

I have only been working digital since 1995. Before that I was a dedicated printmaker (lineetchings mainly) casting nary a glance in the direction of computers. And I think you will agree that the quality of what could be gotten off the screen and onto paper was then, for the home user, not worthy a second glance!
Well, that has surely changed. Now the prints are superb, and the tools, ‹unbelievable what can be done with affordable programs.

So to conclude, a greeting from us (-Jane,my wife, painting). To the next mail I might attach a newly excavated and de-dusted Hawai'ian artefact from my record collection: "Pua Carnation" sung by Lani, Lahela and Nina. Yes, art gets around... Aloha!