Pygoya's Global Living History of Digital Art

September 20, 1998

The Internet, R2001 and the Arts



No wonder I feel that you are such a kindred spirit. You seem to reach
inside the artist's heart/soul/head, at glean what is there and then
magically find those elusive words to express it so eloquently.

This is one of your best yet - or maybe it's just that you made the
turbulent waters go so clear for me.

D, September 23, 1998

I agree completely with your comments.  You always address the digital art issues so succinctly!  Have to go back and review the magazine article and Art -

Best Regards,

N.W. , September 24, 1998

It's really a good text, I must say I enjoyed reading it a lot, and I think

Gerald is combining your article with his 'criticism' on CWB, I guess...But

I'll have to contact him to double check....

Yola, Brooklyn, NY,  September 30, 1998