[r2001 02275] Re: Are we Artists or Social workers
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 23:50:02 +0900
Seiji Ueoka <>

on 1999.11.29 07:50 PM, Maria Tomaselli at wrote:

> you must live in a very corrupt society to have come to such sad conclusions,
> that solidarity is of no use because used badly.
> I hope you come once to brasil, so that I can show you our work
> [ ]s
> TO99
> maria tomaselli

I think Ansgard is not denying completely about charity organizations.

In Japan, there are not that many charity exhibitions. Department stores do
things like that featuring known artist (or artists) here and there.
(In every department stores in Japan, they run gallery and museum!)

If someone does a charity type of solo or group exhibition in some local
galleries, I'm sure his artist friends will give the same kind of advise as
Ansgard. And critiques will probably ignore it because they can not deny
charity. But I don't think the visitors (non-artists) will not have any
problem with it.

Why many artists in Japan do not like the idea of charity exhibitions? I
think it is for their self-respect. They all try to do the best in finding
or bettering what they are doing. If they want to be rewarded, of course
they would like to have the art works to be rewarded. Not for making
donations. This is why Ansgard gave me a friendly advise,

>>>This is not a value judgment on Seiji.I do believe he is very dedicated
>>>and also a very fine artist,who should devote all his time to do his art.

and I appreciate her concern.

I have always been and will be doing art. I have opened serval solo
exhibitions in the past. Each time, visitors gave me complements and most
of them were sold. But I always felt empty after solo exhibitions. It was
not enough. Something was wrong. I am not painting for myself but not for
one person who bought my work, either. If I would paint for particular
person, then I will paint it only for the person and give it to the person.
I am painting because I am an artist.

After serval years, I met the Internet. This really changed my life. I
found the solution to the emptiness I had. We artists are able to present
the art works freely and communicate. Then R2001 was formed when I met
Gerald and Aleksi. They took my little idea very seriously and they worked
so hard without sleeping to make the idea into a reality. After that, R2001
started to grow as R2001. Many fantastic artists joined and keep joining.
We opened exhibitions in Scotland, then Yola took us to NYC! Other
experiments and activities (like art database project) are keep bursting.

R2001 showed me the new perspective. Therefore, this charity idea is
nothing like the feeling I used to have before R2001 happened. I am not
approaching UNICEF in an ordinary way so please trust me. Collaboration is
the only possibility. I don't think UNICEF is that hungry about just
correcting money. I didn't get that kind of impressions when I first
contacted them. I think they have pride in what they are doing.