April 5, 2005

Dearest Vijay,

Your treatise is fantastic and should serve as a major publication for art schools of the world.
Congratulations on the lucid thinking and dividing of the digital art into its various breakdowns for discussion of the medium.
I have lived with this curse since abandoning sculpture and painting back in 1985. But it remains a blessing for the opportunity that it provides to CHANGE THE GLOBAL CULTURE AND REDIRECT THE FUTURE OF ART AND ITS HISTORY.
It is so misunderstood and feared because of what it is and represents. Instant art for the masses, how do you sell it?, what, no original?, using a machine?, more innovative results than by the power of the brush and just the human brain?, what about tradition, history? what about the value of Picassos et al further antiquated by the new tech sensitivity, the next generation of buyers weaned on electronics, the Web?  You break down the forms and applications of the digital. Basically, it encumbers all aspect of visual arts creativity; we are merely at the emergence of the total transformation of WHAT ART IS, give or take a generation. With the portal of ubiquitous global presence, the digital amalgamates all cultures, nasty for maintaining a regional and national identity. DIGITAL ARTS POWER WILL SWALLOW WHOLE ALL THOSE FORMS THAT RESIST CHANGE, THERE IS NO ESCAPE.  The final victory will be ours, sadly too, as I do love other media works, later to be MINOR FORMS OF ART. The writing is on the wall, there can be no turning back, someday, total immersion into a lifestyle, home stay of virtual images from hung (or floating holographic) frames remotely residing/downloaded/bought from the Internet, the TV, the radio, the cell phone, the car, the bedroom.  Art at one's fingertips, art bleeding relentlessly from every facet of modern living, at one's perusal, we will live in a physical world that is more virtual than today's cyberspace.  I feel fortunate I still can today (just did) to an art store and buy acrylics, stretch canvas, and brushes.  Just for fun, and because, they STILL sell this stuff. I feel lucky to be born in an art world with multi-media worlds in process, we are truly working artists also witnesses to a major fracture in the continuity of what art is and shall become.
I have posted a copy of your treatise at http://www.lastplace.com/LivingHistory/globalcart.htm for all the work to read.