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Pygoya on Web Art discussion - to, October 15, 1998


[r2001 01453] WebArt - Monitor as Point of View
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 17:47:55 -1000
Pygoya <>

Dear members of r2001,

My present thoughts on "WebArt"-

For a moment I try to think of myself as not an artist but as audience.
Just one person who could be sitting anywhere in the world in front of
his/her computer's monitor.

I feel so powerful, so privileged. With a few decisive clicks, I could
be downloading wonderous imagery, tapping into the limitless source of
human creativity - but confined to my personal interest, that of the
visual arts. It's like being in Candyland and it's all free! There
suddenly is literally a world of new visual enrichment at my fingertips.

At this point in high tech time, for the most part, pictures are
centered and smaller than the screen to accomodate slow downloading
time. I have been conditioned to be satisfied by thumbnails. For the
invested amount of online time I can see MORE art (thumbnails) by not
selecting to wait to view more detail ("enlargements"; i.e., larger
graphic files)concealed in thumbnails. The more I see, the more I want!

Within my peripheral vision is the monitor box, usually a neutral hue.
There the box frames the image, WHETHER of "digital" or "traditional
media" origin, with the unused circumferential background screen
relegated as MAT.

As technology improves images will be full screen. Besides this
creative approaches by artists and programmers will integrate imagery
with a plethora of html driven applications to enhance and diversify
multimedia presentation via this monitor and the Internet.

As audience I would then be dazzled by NEW DIRECT aesthetic experience.
My mind set is preset to experience "art" as never before. All this
evolves through ongoing development of technology, experimental
application by artists and the feedback mechanisms of a captured online
global audience with ever increasing aesthetic awareness.

Traditional frames of reference for presenting, categorizing and viewing
art are forever shattered. Welcome, new millenium!

Call me old-fashion but within/upon this new cyber-stage the nuts and
bolts of merely making the best pictures is still the most important
task within this sprinting megatrend of hypertexted Web based art. A
single picture will always say more than a thousand megabytes of text
(or the latest cyber-hype).

There will never be a substitute for the basics of any "art" - inner
vision and manifested human spirituality of the artist.

Readiness of an enlightened audience, groomed in cyberculture, insures
the "art" is communicated as intended by the artist.

Pygoya, cyberartist-in-residence @
LightHome Hawaii