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Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 9:27 AM
Subject: Directory of Artists

Hi Py,
For the annual directory that I am doing, I'd like to add a couple of sentences in your listing. My problem is that there is so-o-o much going on for you and I don't know how to condense it. Can you give it to me? I can't make it long at all--just one or two sentences to describe you/your work/ whatever you'd like for me to add. No fair, I know, to ask someone to describe anything in 2 sentences!


Hi Priscilla,
Thanks for the opportunity to refect just what the heck is going on with me-
Pygoya, a.k.a. known decades ago as the "Disco Doc," (and still dancing at Rumors with a Saturday Night fever than runs since 1979!), is getting old. He know frequently fantasizes about retirement from dentistry to finally be a "full time artist."  Besides practicing in Kalihi and heading his online Webists art cult (www.lastplace.com), plans are under way to "disappear into the forest at Volcano" on the Big Island and live "happily ever after" in his cyber studio and art retreat.
How's dat?
With gratitude,