Pygoya Art International

Pygoya Art International was established in 1987 by the American artist, Rodney Chang. The Chicago trained artist (M.A., Northern Illinois University) had started experimentation in 1985 to transfer drawing, painting and sculptoral qualities to electronic imagery with the advent of personal computers. From digital created imagery effort was made to investigate the dynamical relationships of computer/machine and user/artist (for example, Gestalt psychology, Darwinian theory and Chaos theory applications to the computer art) and original digital art and its creator in collaboration with painters using traditional paint and canvas (theory of Paint Outs, reproduction of electronic imagery as hard copy original-reproductions). Initiated with the historic 1987 exhibition in New York City that unveiled the original first six "Paint Outs" (6'x4' acrylic on canvases), the total of digital works rendered onto canvas by many painters now numbers close to 200 works. Painters of the "Pygoya Art International" group included artists residing in Chicago, Hawaii and Shanghai, China.

Today Dr. Rodney Chang (Ph.D., Art Psychology) is the curator of the Internet's popular Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at The web site, with 250,000 online visitors in the first two years, showcases, in virtual reality 3D galleries, the best digital art selected from among online global digital art sites. A main attraction is the Pygoya Webmusem of Cyberart which documents the lifework of Pygoya (a.k.a. Rodney Chang). Besides, Chang is webmaster of, and Dedication to "contributing cyberart, or digital art to indigenous online cyberculture" by Chang includes holding the post of Internet Program Director for the Las Vegas Art Museum. Eventually an actual brick and motar "New York Net Gallery" will complement the efforts of to promote popularity and sales of works exhibited online by New York based artists. Chang maintains a second residence in New York City and therefore also has works presented online at the web site.

Commercially Pygoya Art International consists of principals Rodney Chang (a.k.a Pygoya) and Larry Lovett, also of Honolulu. Lovett is a retired art instructor and now full time artist with a MS.Ed from Columbia University of New York. Favorite media of Lovett include pen & ink drawing, watercolors and computer generated art. Lovett's pioneering digital work earned him a solo exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute. Besides the online museum's giftshop, works are made available through Arts of Paradise Gallery in Waikiki's International Marketplace, Alex Alexander & Associates, The Rodney Chang Gallery of Computer Art in Honolulu and of Maui Giclee print company. Other gallery distribution arrangements are in process. Artists' representation within New York City will be established before the end of 1999.

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(8/17/99 - for Arts of Paradise Gallery and Alex Alexander & Associates)