To Oxford Gallery, Calcutta


November 10, 1999

From: Dr. Rodney "Pygoya" Chang


Dear Mrs. Bhagat,

This is to confirm that I accept on behalf on an international group of

digital artists an exhibition at your Oxford Gallery in Calcutta. I

shall definitely arrive in Calcutta for the opening reception of the

show- whenever you set the date. I will be in Calcutta December 9-12 of

this year.

I am currently very busy creating an online historical documentation of

the show. You can visit it and review the art from abroad that will be

printed and framed for your gallery exhibiton. Please visit-

I am very excited about this opportunity to share my art and that of

other digital artists, all with presence on the Internet, with the people

of Calcutta. It is my hope that such an exposure of developments in

the art medium, now nutured by the Internet in formulating a global art

form as emerging online "cyberculture", will spark more Indian artists

to also work, develop and contribute to the growing legacy of this new

electronic art medium.

I personally want to express my appreciation and gratitude to your

gallery for the generosity in providing a space for exhibiting such

Internet art. I look forward to meeting you personally and sharing

aesthetic ideas with Indian artists. This is a wonderful and positive,

cross-cultural exchange opportunity.

With Warm Regards,




Rodney "Pygoya" Chang, MA, MSED, DDS, PhD