Hi Rodney,

Can't wait to share this with you...received last night..

Hi Linda,

John Wilson here from The Manning Regional Art Gallery. I'll be curating a month long exhibition on digital & computer generated art at The Gallery next year which will include digitally altered photographs(photoshopped!) and computer generated fractals etc. If you would like to take part in this exhibition you can contact me on 65502296 or email - johnwilson@tsn.cc.

There is also a possibility for you to show your works (conventional and digital) as a sole exhibitor for a two week period later this year. You can contact the Gallery Director Sue Mitchell on 6551 0961, or email - mrag@tpgi.com.au if interested.

All the Best John W


Can you believe it? He found my website!!!!! After two and a half years of being in a digital art 'closet' because of the non-acceptance of it all, out of the blue comes this email, from our local major gallery !!!! I wrote and told him my story, sung your praises to the highest, Gemmy, channeled him towards your wonderful East Hawaii exhibition.. said that the only support I had received in all that time was from you, and others who were out there pioneering in what was recognised by some, long ago, as an exciting new medium and a way to bring art lovers and artists together without limits. etc etc..

Boy.. this is a miracle whose time has come... and I have work to do..

Bless you my son for being there since the beginning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!