Hi Ingrid!
Finally I see your photograph portrait on
the Webist's site link at Py's Blog at Absolute
You are quite different looking than I
imagined. I was thinking you would look like one
of my son's young blond girlfriends from Germany.
You are very glamorous and beautiful
looking but also very smart and intellectual!  I
love your red hair!
I hope to meet you and Pygoya someday
soon! Pygoya is a really historical imposing
figure! Amazing looking. I already called him
ZORRO! I hope he's not offended by my calling him
"The Miraculous Mandarin! (an amazing opera by
Bela Bartok).
Py's work towards Webism is fabulous!
Just wonderful. I can attest to the fact he was
doing this, asking me to be involved back in 1997
-98. He contacted me, added my link to his site,
was asking the Las Vegas Museum to show digital
art and involved with the Digitalartmuseum.com.
He was very wonderful then to me but somehow my
heart wasn't in it.
I wish now I had become more involved
then. I must say now in retrospect, I was going
through a difficult time with many personal
I was very lonely and didn't want to stay
home and work on computer art all day long alone!
I felt a need for a different kind of
life, a more sociable life, with artist friends
near me having parties and exhibiting in some
cool art venues near here in Orlando! I found the
perfect life! I opened a little gallery in the
building downtown Orlando in 2000. My own little
place where I could have shows all the time and
meet the public and just gab away about art, etc.
I wanted local recognition which I got in
abundance with sales and may area shows. It has
been a really fun time, getting dressed up in my
wearable art clothes and going out every night!
We had monthly openings.
I finally got tired of the 30 mile one
way drive there and rising gas prices so closed
my gallery this spring. The downtown area had
deteriorated and a lot of big condo buildings are
being built and there aren't many people around
But this 4 year period did bring a
wonderful dimension to my life! I can now happily
work on my computers and printers at my home
studio and not feel lonely since I have made many
wonderful friends who stop in all the time.
I now am a happier, more capable and
different person and able to really BE INVOLVED
in Webism. I am reading about your WEBISM and
hopefully will be able to contribute  with art,
writing, philosophy and research and other ways
WEBISM may need.
In the meantime, I see how Pygoya's ideas
have grown, his joining with you to develop
WEBISM. Your beliefs meshed amazingly. You and he
are true leaders of Webism! I am trying to digest
all the information and am beginning to
understand the nuances of this powerful movement.
Good for you Pygoya and Ingrid!
Cheers, Cecil