Been working on big digital prints on canvas and then going back into the works with transparencies layered under plexiglass with painting also on the back of the plexiglass. I have been using the plexiglass technique for many years with metals etc. so this ties into my newer digital works well. It does take some constant 'thinking' and planning. I love doing this kind of work as I used to be a sculptor until I got sick from the metals and fumes. Any invitations or interest in my works and I am filled with ideas to make new pieces! At first I was happy to just make digital prints. I have, I guess changed my thinking along digital lines regarding presentation of this medium. Now, I hate just framing a digital print as it looks so canned. I like doing something one-of-a-kind on each one now. Maybe somehow I can again do non-toxic sculpture with the digital medium. I'll get something profound together for your historical "archives," Rodney, very soon. I forwarded a thing I recvd from public@eurochannel just now. You probably already recvd it with all your connections. Orlando Museum had a great 20 century show of the Broida Collection last 3 months. Kline, Arp, Rothko, De Suvero, Berthot, Longo, Nauman - just dozens of wonderful contemporary pieces. I loved it and went twice. I adored these really contemporary works, they inspire me so. They break new ground, every one. But a friend of mine met that guy Broida, the rich collector and he was VERY DISDAINFUL OF DIGITAL WORK. Maybe I will send him an invitation to my tea party there so he can see a couple. Perhaps he has a problem with the canned presentation too as that's pretty much been it so far. Will get back to you soon. Take care. Regards, Cecil