Subject: Computer originals
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 13:05:57 -0600

Dear Rodney
you made a very,very important statement re:Iris a letter to
the owner of the Hawaii giglee printer
You might like to give it a more visible place in your page.
Printing Computer generated works.
This is crucial information to all Cyberartists to get recognition for their
Re:Robert Downing mounting his computer generated art by
laminating them to plaques was detrimental to the very first Toronto
Showing of his over 200 works.
I had some test pieces done just to see what people say.
Still think the method Robert choose for his work
is worth researching some more and I do think it needs more recognition.
The prints might last longer then any other.

I am up to my ears trying to have all the connecting links to change my
Url name.The most sickening occupation.
You are polishing your pages lately and I was happy to find Larry L.......
He wrote to me some time ago and I had lost the connection,when I
wanted to write to him.(Mailbox)
Looking forward to his show in Computer?Watercolors.?
I am doing them In Painter 5 where you can add water to your paintings.
My history about the Alberta Show is not important .We might have to
concentrate on positive reporting??


Ansgard Thomson
Box 8
Fort Assiniboine AB.CA.
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