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As a small addition to Gerald's well-thought comments: for most of

us in this New Zealand group, the computer has not changed our art or

our methods - it is an exciting exhibition space, a chance to

display our work, sidestepping the tight restrictions of the curators

of the galleries here ( - they seem to be trapped in a timewarp of

black-on-black with a vital part of the work being the essay showing

how fraffly postmodern the concept of blackness is - you know how it



For one painter, my partner Paul Hutchinson, the flood of information

brought by the Internet, and the visual look of the pixels themselves,

have become an integral part of his work - he is doing a large

self-portrait in encaustic wax and pigment over collaged squares of

printout from the Net - the image derived from scanning his face on

the flatbed scanner, reducing it in size and then enlarging it so the

pixels almost obscure the identity. Disturbing.



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